1 (407) 545-6419

Cell Phone or Landline number 1 (407) 545-6419 can be found in area 407. 407 numbers are generally can be found in Florida, but note there may be exceptions, especially for cell numbers. 1 (407) 545-6419 has the following switch number (407) 545, which is used to trace more precise location for the phone number in question. Note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details can be found in a report. Cell phone numbers are generally harder to locate because their prefix only identifies operator network rather than a physical switch as in case for landline numbers.

1 (407) 545-6419 - Posted Reports

The following reports for 1 (407) 545-6419 have been submitted by the community

Report by a twofoo - 2019-09-14
Receive a phone call from this number every morning around 9:00 am. Call from I'll call and ask them to give it up. Never answers they keep hanging up. I have tried calling back to see what this is. No one answers

Report by Renee POLSON - 2019-07-14
got a call from this number as well . said my name was david green . they knew my name ..and my friends name . said he was a cop ..told me the cops had me on camera and was gonna come get me ..they have all my private info and say they are trying to get in contact with me ..said i would be held accountable if i go to court of a crime he said he had all the time in the world to make contact with me ..I hung up on him !

Report by J. WIckled - 2019-03-04
Called no message left.

Report by IAMEMS - 2019-02-17
Scam, said from IRS. Scam, IRS does not call.

Report by H. Nobetter - 2019-01-27
Called 3 times today. Called me at 6, 7 and 8pm in the am and did not leave a message.

Report by fergy27 - 2017-11-22
They called twice this morning, but did not leave a voicemail.

Report by Garj Yu - 2017-10-04
Keep getting an automated call from this number. It seems to be looking for someone named "Cynthia" with a case number. The name changes each time I call back. This is a spam call.

Report by K.K.M - 2017-07-15
These jerks call me daily and it's getting to the point where I will simply have to buy a call blocker, and then I will be able to block them from having a call at all, thanks to this site!I can block entire area codes from calling me.

Report by fong - 2017-06-09
This number shows 'Fraud' on the caller id.

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