Report for 1-9409970863 - 2020-05-20 940
Caller says she is calling for Breast Cancer Research. I have told them this is not a good number and they hang up. A new one here. I will block this number!

Report for 1-7623041101 - 2020-05-20 762
CID=CLTHCSID. No message left.

Report for 1-3603469654 - 2020-05-20 360
This number calls me twice a day every day. I usually pick up and wait for someone to say something. No one ever says anything, so now when they call I simply pick up and hang up. This has been going on for a month now. Does anyone know how I can block this number??

Report for 1-2818499107 - 2020-05-20 281
It's a telemarketer call.

Report for 1-9164148384 - 2020-05-20 916
Received a voice mail with a threatening message. They have called twice today.

Report for 1-7136682694 - 2020-05-20 713
Received call on my mobile from this telephone number. No message was left. A search on "Colorado Call" showed this number is invalid.

Report for 1-5126366160 - 2020-05-20 512
No message left.

Report for 1-6074418845 - 2020-05-20 607
You do know that scammers spoof legitimate numbers, right?

Report for 1-6173577356 - 2020-05-20 617
Yes some foreign voice left a message as well! No other identification.

Report for 1-2022250891 - 2020-05-20 202
just got a call from this number, no vm.

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2020-05-20 803
Just called my cell again and they called me by my first name. Said to call this number, did not say who they were.

Report for 1-4122266055 - 2020-05-20 412
I got a message asking to call 862-296-0631 about a social security account. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-6159300305 - 2020-05-20 615
The "call back" tells you to dial 9 to be removed from the list...i did that and I still get the calls. No one ever answers when you do answer and they dont leave a message.

Report for 1-9257753098 - 2020-05-20 925
No one there when I answered

Report for 1-9162718248 - 2020-05-20 916

Report for 1-2132910493 - 2020-05-20 213
Received a call from this number. Did not answer. No message left.

Report for 1-9173028443 - 2020-05-20 917
Just block the whole number.

Report for 1-8654825040 - 2020-05-20 865
received a call from Jason Brown saying that I needed to call them back immediately or I would be charged with a criminal offense.

Report for 1-8142773382 - 2020-05-20 814
Called cell phone, no message

Report for 1-5169863813 - 2020-05-19 516
Called my cell phone, left no message

Report for 1-2184296099 - 2020-05-19 218
It's not the real CRA, just a scam where they have a live person calling, and when you tell them to stop calling they go on and on.

Report for 1-7195909656 - 2020-05-19 719
Call the number back and they say this

Report for 1-8162771785 - 2020-05-19 816
Calls every night at 8:45 pm. Sometimes calls twice.

Report for 1-5622706601 - 2020-05-19 562
I have been getting this number calling me

Report for 1-9207276159 - 2020-05-19 920
I got a call from an unknown number. She left a message stating her name is Diane Wilson and she's calling in regards to a complaint filed for (my name she says my name) regarding a returned item from the Federal court house in reference to a name

Report for 1-4155965442 - 2020-05-19 415
Left voicemail. This is an urgent message in reference to your supply charges to your last _____ in reference to your account just calling to verify your account still active if you could give us a call back the number is 855-823-0709 . Please make reference #______. Thank you.

Report for 1-6312652204 - 2020-05-19 631
got a call from this number stating they were going to serve a summons. I got a missed call and had a voicemail from a Jennifer Turner? said I would receive papers on Thursday. Said it was my last chance? I'm a senior and never get bothered by any of these people. They call and call I never answer if I can't identify the number or the company

Report for 1-8314133555 - 2020-05-19 831
Trying to sell health insurance

Report for 1-2532030092 - 2020-05-19 253
I keep getting these calls telling me I have legal action in my county and to call immediately. I am sure this is a scam

Report for 1-4329199988 - 2020-05-19 432
Received text on mobile phone from this number. I dont know this number so I didn't respond. No message. This is the second such text I've received this month.

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