Report for 1-4843944132 - 2020-01-03 484
Got a call that listed on caller I.D.. this is their spade number, (202)407-8347. It's a recording from a woman with a heavy accent. She states that I won a free grant of $13,000. It's just a scam. I've received tons of calls about the same thing. They usually change it to the next level up in the call and still try and steal $ on me. There's no way they get you to do that with just a check.

Report for 1-8107654148 - 2020-01-02 810
Got a call from this number and they stated they were a "collection agency" which was incorrect and I asked how they got my number... and was hung up on

Report for 1-9511784704 - 2020-01-02 951
Same thing here on my phone, left a message at 7:50 am, this is a scam, and they are calling from an unregistered number. IRS would have your contact information and they wouldn't call at this hour! Be very careful!

Report for 1-2126221295 - 2020-01-02 212
Called me around 6 p.m. Called and left no message.

Report for 1-3522421300 - 2020-01-02 352
I got a call from the same #. They hung up when they got it. It is now in my blocked numbers list. I can't believe this is what we get each week. I am a RN practitioner and am not sure how they got my #.

Report for 1-6106783447 - 2020-01-02 610
Called my cell phone and hung up.

Report for 1-2063171344 - 2020-01-02 206
There is absolutely no "legit" company that would be calling me or leaving that kind of message. It is a scam. They are just trying to scare you into paying a debt you do not or ever had? I know the situation, I know the company they say they are with and it is a total lie. Please do not fall for this scam. All they want to do is scare you into paying money you don't owe that was never issued. Good Luck and stay safe.

Report for 1-9898216258 - 2020-01-02 989
I got a voicemail from this # on Friday 1/5/15 with an automated sounding message, stating that the call was from Cinta, and it was urgent that I speak with them, to schedule a delivery. I called back today 1/7/15 to see what this was about. They asked me for my name, and then my account #. I said, "Please let me get my acct # now." Then she asked, "Do you have cable TV?" So I asked again, "Do you have cable TV?" But she hung up on me. I called back, and again asked the name of the company. She said, "We are with Cablevision, a major company." I asked more questions, and got, "I don't know, but there is a problem with your account". I asked if she had my account #. She replied, "There's nothing in your acct #." I said, "Thanks. Bye."

Report for 1-2126850216 - 2020-01-02 212
Just got this call. I pressed 1 to try to connect to an agent. They immediately hung up on me when I said my name (in Spanish, not a US name)

Report for 1-2026562633 - 2020-01-02 202
Toll Free Number (407)380-8490. A male voice asks to speak to the office manager. I say there is no one here by that name and hang up. If I get another call from this number, will block it.

Report for 1-8435188835 - 2020-01-02 843
I answered thinking it was a loved one calling (I was). No one spoke so I hung up. Now they are blocked. Happened on 1/25/16.

Report for 1-3046482006 - 2020-01-02 304
called at 8:45pm left no message

Report for 1-3362228574 - 2020-01-02 336
Just received a call from this number and did not answer. After reading notes I will be blocking the number. Thanks

Report for 1-7147218552 - 2020-01-02 714
I just received the exact same call. I called back and hung up. I then dialed the number. A guy answered and said, "Thank you for calling. How can I help you?" (I asked why this number has called me the other day and not answered me as I was on the phone so I could talk to them as well.) There was a lot of background noise. I said, "I just received a call from this number, who are you?" He said, "Are you (my first name)? I said, "Who are you?" There was some bla bla bla background noise and then he hung up. I called back and they said they were the IRS...what a scam. I knew I had done something wrong just to make them even ruder.

Report for 1-9292010027 - 2020-01-01 929
Caller from this number is calling me all of the time. How do you make them stop they call all the time in small hours and now I won't pick up the line. I just got this phone 5 days ago and it is only for emergencies.

Report for 1-3462624047 - 2020-01-01 346
Received a call from 202-417-7157 telling me that my computer was being "vulnerable", and that it had been hijacked in several countries, and I must not be the only one. Scam and very bad English...

Report for 1-3372483904 - 2020-01-01 337
Get these calls every day. Today's call was from a woman. I asked in Spanish how she got my number and this is what she said, when I questioned her it was in Spanish! How dumb of them to do that. I had a hard time understanding her. They called three times today.

Report for 1-3105477325 - 2020-01-01 310
Called my DNC registered landline. No voicemail.

Report for 1-9036838002 - 2020-01-01 903
They call multiple times a day.

Report for 1-2102185705 - 2020-01-01 210
they have my number

Report for 1-6149017664 - 2020-01-01 614
They say it's social security office

Report for 1-4237338022 - 2020-01-01 423
they called and did not leave message.

Report for 1-3103627388 - 2020-01-01 310
They call at least once a day. I never answer because I don't know anyone in this area with a 410 area code.

Report for 1-9199571615 - 2020-01-01 919
I have received numerous calls from IEPAC, I am so sick of these type callers. How are

Report for 1-6465317656 - 2020-01-01 646
I got call from (209)813-8795 this morning saying they are from the IRS and are filing a lawsuit against me

Report for 1-2601004182 - 2019-12-31 260
A man said he was from the fraternal order of police, but not sure

Report for 1-7700111916 - 2019-12-31 770
I just received this one at 10:50 am today. I see it was on my caller id as Private. It was blocked by the robo blocker.

Report for 1-9037988655 - 2019-12-31 903
Called, didn't answer... left no message, blocked immediately

Report for 1-8482536125 - 2019-12-31 848
Unknown caller left no message

Report for 1-8162012560 - 2019-12-31 816
Called this morning asking to speak to the head of household. When I asked what it was regarding the person hung up.

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