Report for 1-2124612787 - 2020-02-24 212
I dont think that "they" are your best friend. I think they are the criminals trying to get you to pay them money so they can get even with you for stealing property.

Report for 1-2122131214 - 2020-02-23 212
Called at 8 AM EST did not leave message. Looked up the number and it may be a scam.

Report for 1-7183007939 - 2020-02-23 718
Calls all day every day including Saturday and Sunday. Calls have begun before 10 a.m. and sometimes as late as 9:30 at night. When I pick up, there is either no one there or the person just hangs up.

Report for 1-3472405110 - 2020-02-23 347
This is some collection company

Report for 1-8184277096 - 2020-02-23 818
Called and left a message from "Comcast" saying there were a few items they need to confirm and there's a "priority" for completing the work. Blah blah blah. Don't have any outstanding debts so this is bogus and a scam and should be stopped.

Report for 1-9015436909 - 2020-02-23 901
Same here

Report for 1-2149852825 - 2020-02-23 214

Report for 1-3233473690 - 2020-02-23 323
Called my DNC registered landline. Heard call center noise in background. The caller did not give it a chance to pick up and then hanged up. Call type is unknown.

Report for 1-3054405465 - 2020-02-23 305
Got a call from a "John Walker" on 3/24/13 stated he was an attorney so I called back and went through an automated voice asking for my name, I did not identify myself, then came back to the number and the voice ask in regards to who I was trying to reach, I said who? and it said you must not know this person and that I needed to identify myself. Again I asked who I was attempting to reach and it sounded like a recording for "John Walker" and said can you please say my name please? I hung up and reported the incident

Report for 1-6313183076 - 2020-02-23 631
CID says not in service

Report for 1-2102244555 - 2020-02-23 210
I have gotten this same call. I know a scam when I hear it. They are going to come to my job to arrest me for fraud. They also stated they were with the US Gov't and that it was about to expire on 2/26/18 and that I was going to jail.

Report for 1-9015960422 - 2020-02-23 901
Called home number and cell in NC. Rang twice and hung up.

Report for 1-7634584363 - 2020-02-23 763
Said someone used my Facebook account link from fb to log onto a website

Report for 1-2096833862 - 2020-02-23 209

Report for 1-9164390338 - 2020-02-23 916
Call no vm, scammers i'm blocking the number.

Report for 1-3025492875 - 2020-02-23 302
Another scum bag caller...

Report for 1-5703688973 - 2020-02-23 570
Just received my first call from this unknown caller. No response when I've said hello several times. Blocked.

Report for 1-3025265000 - 2020-02-23 302
It's a telemarketer call and a shame that the government isn't doing their job and blocking the number. The only thing you need to do to stop it is ignore it and don't answer it and if you want to block it call the number back and it will ask you to enter the number that called you or press 1 to confirm or press 2 to delete that number from their list.

Report for 1-5070000019 - 2020-02-23 507
I received the same "no phone call" message at 3:36pm CDT this evening

Report for 1-2155637000 - 2020-02-23 215
The same guy has been calling me, telling me that I have a claim pending. He has the

Report for 1-9372984331 - 2020-02-23 937
Received a text from this number saying "It's ok it's the last time I'm going to call you, call me." I think I'll just block it.

Report for 1-8432770199 - 2020-02-23 843
Did Not answer because I have had a lot of bad calls lately

Report for 1-9739277536 - 2020-02-23 973
They called, no message left

Report for 1-4143272702 - 2020-02-23 414
I received the same text. Glad I read these reviews. Smells like a SCAM.

Report for 1-5084229572 - 2020-02-23 508
I received a call today on my cell and my place of employment. The caller asked for me and I said I wasnt available. She told me that I need to be here in Spanish at the end of today. I said Im not interested and when I attempted to call the number back, they answered with Spanish and hung up.

Report for 1-9093236053 - 2020-02-23 909
Called and left no message. This number shows as a missed call.

Report for 1-8432770199 - 2020-02-21 843
This call was to inform us we were being summoned and needed to confirm address and work location

Report for 1-2022402717 - 2020-02-21 202
Called no message left

Report for 1-2562852101 - 2020-02-21 256
Called my place of work and asked to speak with my boss. This guy had a foreign accent. I asked what company he was with, he would only say "American Financial" and when I asked to whom I was speaking with he mumbled something "Financial". So, I asked if my boss would have to call him back, and he just told me that he doesn't have time to talk to me and to call as soon as he can. But didn't specify "When he can"!! I called the number back and got a recording "number not in service".

Report for 1-3212563460 - 2020-02-21 321
Received several phone messages from this number about legal action against my name. Left threatening message on my voicemail. I called the number back, the first time got hold music for several seconds and then a woman

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