Report for 1-9853073343 - 2020-01-28 985
No idea who this is from. My phone said scam likely so I let it go to Voice Mail. No msg left. Called ID shows Seattle WA

Report for 1-5402533025 - 2020-01-28 540
I received a call on our business phone today (Nov 15) at 10:55, after an immediate greeting, a recording was started and stated they were "United Healthcare" and were attempting to "give" me a discount on my current service, and the only "supposedly time sensitive" part of their offer was to call the number back 866-410-9222 ext. 1111 and mention this reference code #7761.

Report for 1-8126000546 - 2020-01-28 812
Another robot call saying I need to call "the number" which is a call back number, as if they do not have their own number to call. This is so annoying - this is just one of many, of these calls that come in, I have blocked several of the spoofed numbers these guys use.

Report for 1-6124274029 - 2020-01-28 612
I have received calls from this number since May 10th 2017. I never answer. Today, I answered, but could see the caller had hung up. Tried to call back, but couldnot get through. After much review and googling the number, I'm sorry.

Report for 1-4246402011 - 2020-01-28 424

Report for 1-7025720588 - 2020-01-28 702
no message

Report for 1-8159658751 - 2020-01-28 815
I have been getting the same messages from John with the Finical Alarms. I too am on the "Do Not Call List" WTF. I do NOT answer any calls if I don't know who it is.

Report for 1-2607001292 - 2020-01-28 260
Fake IRS robo call. I had a hard time figuring out which company was calling (I got "IRS" but I don't know for sure), and when the robot called to tell me that they were about to file a lawsuit and I need to call back, I said "OK, whatever." I pressed one and a woman answered "IRS." I said I had missed the call and she replied "Yeah, IRS." Then I hung up. The IRS doesn't call you if they plan to sue. Just block and ignore the calls.

Report for 1-9733393031 - 2020-01-28 973
Called at least 20 times today. They are a recording

Report for 1-3239888272 - 2020-01-28 323
I got the call today, just saw the missed call in the log and saw the call was from my local credit union office, so I knew it was legit. I called back the customer service number at the bottom of their credit union letter, which was this number on my caller ID. The customer service person actually asked me how I was going to verify

Report for 1-5058815163 - 2020-01-27 505
This is from a debt collection agency, they have multiple numbers they call from, all from Austin Texas. They are trying to reach someone I do not know for something I have no idea of what they are talking about. They

Report for 1-3103590463 - 2020-01-27 310
If they have any of your personal information such as your social security number, date of birth or drivers license make sure you register with identity protection notify the credit agencies as well as your banks!!*********credit reports: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion*********************** ... aud-Activity%3Fgo to the IRS

Report for 1-2144405554 - 2020-01-27 214
I received a call stating they were calling me because I had defaulted on a payday loan. They said they would seize my property.

Report for 1-7328408811 - 2020-01-27 732
Call my cell. No message left. Blocked caller after reading the prior posts. Thank you.

Report for 1-7166830891 - 2020-01-27 716
Same thing here called me 5 time with a different name each time. It was hard to catch them as they

Report for 1-6158225425 - 2020-01-27 615
A social security scam call

Report for 1-7272614589 - 2020-01-27 727
I get 3-4 calls a day from this number I don't owe any debts so I'm not sure who this is

Report for 1-2538518414 - 2020-01-27 253
Got a call, no voice message. CID says Chester, VA. Blocked!

Report for 1-7043653622 - 2020-01-27 704
Indian guy, sounded like a call center in background. Asks to look for my son's dog. The funny thing is that our son's dog isn't even owned by me.

Report for 1-4042523353 - 2020-01-27 404
Same here. They call almost every day and will only talk in a foreign language like macedo. I told them to stop calling but they keep calling.

Report for 1-9197772822 - 2020-01-27 919
Answered call with the standard hello, no one spoke and the line was silent for awhile-like if you are trying to record a call or something.

Report for 1-3037312446 - 2020-01-27 303
Call on cell - no answer from caller. Scammer likely

Report for 1-9853623355 - 2020-01-27 985
Called my cell phone once, left no message. Called back and it's a recorded message from some sort of security center. They hung up when I wouldn't provide any information.

Report for 1-9375902164 - 2020-01-27 937
Did not know # from previous calls. Asked if I was @#$%^& and if I could hear them. It was not my first rodeo with callers at this time. Blocked them.

Report for 1-8123092500 - 2020-01-27 812
called my cell at 11:30 am and left no message

Report for 1-6313895642 - 2020-01-27 631
A lady with a heavy Indian accent told me they were calling regarding my student loan. We are all retired and paid the loans off so i know this is a scam. They told me to call a number to solve the problem. I have no knowledge of my loans and if I had a student loan I would have requested information on it and been given the info by actual reps in a real office. Not a scam.

Report for 1-4016512312 - 2020-01-27 401
Caller ID showed a cell number. Did not recognize so did not answer. Left 1 minute message with nothing heard, plus some voice with no sound.

Report for 1-9544315256 - 2020-01-27 954
Rang but did not leave a message.

Report for 1-2518702290 - 2020-01-27 251
Call received at 11:45PM today. Did not answer.

Report for 1-2077975952 - 2020-01-27 207
Beware of these callers. They do use several phone numbers and are most likely SCAMS.

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