Report for 1-2108074079 - 2020-02-18 210
Just a scammer pretending to be a debt collector, they are fishing for personal information.

Report for 1-8432299773 - 2020-02-18 843
The call says there was a lawsuit against me and the call came from the same number this is a scam, I was told they would be here today to pick me up and would not give his name and the name of the attorney that he represented and told me I needed to contact him immediately to resolve the issue. They asked me to make payment via western union. This needs to be reported as a scam right back to its start!

Report for 1-8653209129 - 2020-02-18 865
I just received a call with the same voice mail today, with the exact same message.

Report for 1-3603059478 - 2020-02-18 360
I received a call from 206-400-1336 stating "This is Christine Watson with State Process Servers. Im calling to notify you that you are going to receive a notice of inspection with a request to sign a document that is scheduled for an appearance before a magistrate judge or grand jury for a federal criminal offense. If you want to prevent this you needs to call my office as soon as possible at the 206-400-1336 again this is the state process servers. Hope you can protect yourself from this and to prevent any further legal action from being taken

Report for 1-9203888691 - 2020-02-18 920
Same. Caller left a voicemail saying to call to stop $299 from pending auto renewal for tech support that will be withdrawn from my account. If I do not wish to continue, I need to call back.

Report for 1-4063243244 - 2020-02-18 406
Called my business. Claiming to be the police department (saying with a fake accent) and asking for my name and address. They were apparently looking for donations. I hung up without answering.

Report for 1-4062192951 - 2020-02-18 406
So it is now or the beginning of 2009. This site is still online and people still are getting their phone calls. How is a site that was shut down and no service? I have put my numbers on the do not call registery. I am going to see if I can get my account flagged so they will not call my number when I have not signed up for anything and I hope they do not call again after I report them As I am a retired couple and pay my bills and should not be harrassed by them!

Report for 1-9516608611 - 2020-02-17 951
Missed another call; voice mail stated "Hi, this is Lisa. I was calling in regards to your mortgage which I think you may want to consider further down the line. I just need to discuss your 5 year fixed I think. But I wanted to get this over to you the quickest. Please give me a call at, again, at the number that you were calling in is 1-877-220-9191 and I'm going to go jump a riverboat right now. Not much of a picture but it's a picture of me holding a shotgun to my head.

Report for 1-2106919773 - 2020-02-17 210
I'm not the first to report these calls. They just call me to give me a call to take charge of my MTS account. So far MTS has never called me but this number just did. I have contacted MTS and reported this number to them. This is a scam and an invasion of privacy. I get the message, 'Do not call list' just no answer when calling the number of 844-386-8783.

Report for 1-2172408584 - 2020-02-17 217
Called my cell at 9:36am today. I didn't answer and no message left.

Report for 1-3472357632 - 2020-02-17 347
I too just got a call from this number, caller ID identified as a "survey" I think "V" followed by a series of numbers. I didn't stay on the line long enough to get to it. When I get these annoying calls, I always "reject". If it's someone who I know or have a call with, I'll say "i'll put you on the do not call list, thank you, have a good day." This works!

Report for 1-8126445051 - 2020-02-17 812
Called me at work and left voicemail to call back.

Report for 1-8129929393 - 2020-02-17 812
I just had the same thing happen to me they have left me a message saying I will be prosecuted if I don't call them back.

Report for 1-7144155208 - 2020-02-17 714
Call on mobile phone from this number on 7/10. Did not answer as I did not recognise the number. No message left.

Report for 1-5204060010 - 2020-02-17 520
Same experience as everyone else. Threatened me with lawsuit. The first lady hung up on me then I called back. They didn't even know what county I lived in. I said I would contact the county and they hung up. A man then did say he was from the Law Offices of Dean Alexander. Definitely a scam. Don't let these clowns intimidate you. You will get a letter in the mail.

Report for 1-7200072000 - 2020-02-17 720
I have been getting these calls for a couple of days now, every 2-4 hr every day! I don't answer and they keep calling. How do we stop

Report for 1-2145561593 - 2020-02-17 214
They called but no message.

Report for 1-2622220371 - 2020-02-17 262
Called my cell phone 5 times today! I am on the no call list as well. The do not call list does not help.

Report for 1-3018800675 - 2020-02-17 301
I answered and just got dead air from the beginning, but when i said hello 3 times i heard a man ask for me. Then he hung up on me.

Report for 1-5074337351 - 2020-02-17 507
got a call at 10:46am, didn't answer, no message left

Report for 1-8459528107 - 2020-02-17 845
Called but left no message.

Report for 1-3868680677 - 2020-02-17 386
I got called and harassed yesterday and today by them, calling my work place, even my cell #, my husband, my brothers and my father in law all calling to say that there was a $99.00 charge that was going to be taken out of my account from 7/30/10 if I didn't pay. Then he went to say he was a processor in the area who wanted to talk to me to get a refund. Then the next day someone from India called my work place stating that my work was going to be closed and I would be arrested immediately and that I would lose my job immediately if I didn't pay. Then he sent a bill for $300 and kept saying that they will put the rest back and that's what they are going to charge the customers if I don't pay and it will be 500.00. In addition they also changed some of the phone numbers in my cell # so that people would call them and not me. We have called them back and got the same accent and they keep saying the same thing. They have even called our children and made one of them look like she was a police officer threatening us saying he is going to have us arrested and then hung up on us. They have not stopped though and have just started calling our friends and family. They have all my information but then refuse to tell us what we owe because it's confidential. I've found out today that sometimes scams call people you have friends or family with and if you have anything to do with your social media or even job they get a hold of your information and they try to get information out of you. They are very rude when you call them and hang up on you. These scammers are scary.

Report for 1-2106394076 - 2020-02-16 210
Called claiming they were with the state attorney office regarding a debt claiming it was from 1997. Refused to give me an address or phone number saying they could not provide information without my address or further information. Scam!!!!!! Blocked number.

Report for 1-3022810469 - 2020-02-16 302
Left a 3 second voicemail of dead air.

Report for 1-2488337981 - 2020-02-16 248
I would suggest just telling your mother this:

Report for 1-2536970291 - 2020-02-16 253
Got a text yesterday, also saying "is your car still avilable" and "i think your ad was viewed 50000+ times."

Report for 1-3054550397 - 2020-02-16 305
I got this call and she gave me the same info

Report for 1-2148753103 - 2020-02-16 214
Just got a call from this number. As soon as this guy started talking I said, "You called me, so you tell me." Click. They tried calling back and it gave me 4xx options, but all I heard was a recording saying, "Please hold". No way to leave a message. I am blocking him.

Report for 1-2137108154 - 2020-02-16 213
Called 7:46 pm today from NY. Did not recognize. Did not answer

Report for 1-8182534832 - 2020-02-16 818
Got several calls that said my Apple ID has been breached. I called the number, got a recording claiming to be Apple, and to verify my Apple ID. I pressed a few buttons and the recording hung up. Scammers.

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