Report for 1-6195031630 - 2020-03-28 619
Spoofed number, no message left.

Report for 1-3122779436 - 2020-03-28 312
I received a call from Michael Johns from the IRS and they had a warrant for my arrest, they had my ss# etc. They stated that I owed the IRS $4,000 dollars ,they gave me an arrest warrent number and told me once I was arrested I did not have an attorney I was going to be picked up at my job because they would not send paperwork after I was not given a letter of documentation. I was also informed by someone that I had a payday loan coming to me today through Gander Florida I have never in my life been through a payday loan before.They have my information now and I do not intend to pay for nothing but it sounds like something more then a scam.

Report for 1-4122005226 - 2020-03-28 412
Don't do it. If they really are legit, they will come to your house or ask you to verify some thing that could be false. If they insist on making threats about taking you to court and that will hurt me in the future, then the lawyers may have a point. The one thing you cannot do with them is give them money. I am not saying they will take you to court, but I am saying you will be very surprised how professional and polite they are when they demand that they know the account information so they can clear up "the situation". They really won't even have a clue who they are calling until they get you off the phone.

Report for 1-3393335185 - 2020-03-28 339
I got a call to day from someone claiming to be a Police Officer asking for a donation to his organization. I told him I will check, but then I googled the number on another search. There was a blog on the net about these calls, some people get some kind of kickback from the callers, some people actually send some donation. It was a scam

Report for 1-9497139867 - 2020-03-28 949
Just got a call and left a message. The message was, "This is not a solicitation, but a notification of your eligibility for a business loan with the government at a reduced rate. You have to have $250,000 or more in annual income, gross income and your balance owed on all of your business. The application is free and the approval process takes up to 45 days. Have a good day today. I will contact the appropriate company for assistance to get you approved. "It did not say who it was calling for and there wasn't any other identifying information in the message.

Report for 1-7721512167 - 2020-03-28 772
Unrecognized number. Blocked for the future. Scammers.

Report for 1-4072321185 - 2020-03-28 407
Recorded message stating that the government approved my business loan, press 1 to speak to a business loan specialist, or press 2 to be removed from the list.

Report for 1-9196238751 - 2020-03-28 919

Report for 1-3605349503 - 2020-03-28 360
It's a phone scam, ignore it. Blocking the number.

Report for 1-6468137698 - 2020-03-28 646
Same here

Report for 1-6022847623 - 2020-03-28 602
this number calls my cell phone on at least a daily basis. I have no idea who/what it is...I refuse to answer as the Caller ID just says the number and no name...I want this number to stop harrassing me...

Report for 1-5028273587 - 2020-03-28 502
It's spam. They will try to scare you into giving them money. Don't do it.

Report for 1-2012041407 - 2020-03-28 201
I received a phone call from 360-214-2354 saying "this is your final notice

Report for 1-9107950666 - 2020-03-28 910
They are still at it! A month ago a woman asked for my husband by name and when I said he wasn't available she just hung up. Today two guys from the same group called with the same story. One calling himself Robert Wallace said he was a process server and that we would have to go to court or else he would start serving us with papers. He wouldn't tell me who we owed but that it was for some cash advance company from 2011.

Report for 1-5044671075 - 2020-03-28 504
It's a scam to get the info of your computer

Report for 1-8563462899 - 2020-03-28 856
They didn't call me, it was an automated call telling me to call this number. Said that they are looking for me because they have received several complaints about my identity. First of all. I don't work. Secondly, I have everything under control and a clean credit rating in the credit bureau. This is obviously a scam. They are trying to verify information. Do not give any information to these people. They will use your information to commit identity theft.

Report for 1-2146885628 - 2020-03-28 214
Said they were calling about my student loans that I paid off almost 20 years ago. Had my old address also. Didn't fall for it.

Report for 1-3612032631 - 2020-03-28 361
Called the number back....It doesn't even ring. Just disconnects.

Report for 1-7606071965 - 2020-03-28 760
Got a call from the same number on my cell and then on my home phone. Said hello and said my first name which sounded like they were calling someone else in the household. Just a few seconds of silence, then they hung up.

Report for 1-8142765036 - 2020-03-28 814
Recording: press one to redeem your $500 reward.

Report for 1-8129823007 - 2020-03-28 812
Received a call from this number on my cell at 9:46am today. I am in Baltimore Md on the west coast. My landline is in a different state, so I am sure it's not anything legitimate. They didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-6092568727 - 2020-03-28 609
Rang three times then didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-9257052241 - 2020-03-28 925
received two calls in a row around 7:00 a.m. caller id shows toll free call....left a message regarding HIPPA Compliance. I will be reporting the incident to

Report for 1-5092287162 - 2020-03-28 509
The number showed on caller id as the number. It was a recording saying that I should press 1 to receive $9,000 cash, press 2 to be placed on DNC and press 3 for being removed from DNC.

Report for 1-8312720466 - 2020-03-28 831
Got the call this morning at 7:34 This is very sad. A man called from this number and stated his name was Kevin Johnson and he was with the Internal Revenue Service and there was a tax fraud and that i have a warrant issued for my arrest. His number is 360-200-5444. I immediately hung up.

Report for 1-3142552176 - 2020-03-28 314
Called for my son who has some debt owed to them, and gave me the last for of his social security number, said they got a case number, would I like to take care of the debt in full when I tried to call back. I couldn't find anything on the internet that could help me with anything if it's not for them calling my phone.

Report for 1-8430606140 - 2020-03-28 843
Another one of the numbers who uses a new number to annoy people. So sick of these types of calls!!!

Report for 1-8474334920 - 2020-03-27 847
They just called me as well. Said they were with the US Treasury and if I wanted to avoid being contacted by the authorities, I needed to call them back. I know I don't owe the IRS anything.

Report for 1-3213360110 - 2020-03-27 321
This was the message I received:This is an important mesage received in your name for legal enforcement actions filed on your social security number beginning with 10040 I repeat this is James Rogers with legal affairs as a matter against your social security number to get more information about this legal action that legal to issue a presence the hotline is 3057001591 extension 2 you... I don't think so

Report for 1-3096638311 - 2020-03-27 309
Scam, no message

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