Report for 1-7708888729 - 2020-01-30 770
My brother got the same message about me this morning.

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2020-01-30 325
"You are the lucky winner." LOL

Report for 1-9122655885 - 2020-01-30 912
These people call and harrass me to sell me medication

Report for 1-9083528881 - 2020-01-30 908
Just called again. Left yet another message.

Report for 1-7148690611 - 2020-01-30 714
Called my Cell phone yesterday and this morning. I called this morning and they wanted to get my full birth date and SS number as they had my number on file. I didn't give them any information and told them if they had any legal papers to mail them to me and hung up.

Report for 1-3134564008 - 2020-01-30 313
This was supposed to be a debt consolidation offer for mortgage company called, Credit Solutions. The company name is Credit Company of America. Not a real company. Don't give them your credit or debit card number by any means. They're not a real company, but a scam.

Report for 1-8632007479 - 2020-01-30 863
This is an automated scam phone call saying to call 1 866 215 5903 concerning a case file against you. Do not call.

Report for 1-2095334821 - 2020-01-29 209
They called, didn't leave a message, and when you call back a lady says "sorry we missed your call and if you would like to be taken off our calling list press 1".

Report for 1-8123148244 - 2020-01-29 812
Same message left as many others have received. "This message need to be read to you on an urgent basis. There is currently a motion being filed to suspend all bank accounts bearing your name and Social Security number. To review rights call 844-640-0365." A call was made to two different states within 30 days. This is an obvious scam/fraud. They should be hunted down and stopped.

Report for 1-8139862031 - 2020-01-29 813
Robotic voice saying that the IRS is going to file a lawsuit against me. It's been calling me and leaving a voicemail for the last week.

Report for 1-5094666393 - 2020-01-29 509
Same as above. Call and let phone ring 3-times and leave no message.

Report for 1-4024233300 - 2020-01-29 402

Report for 1-9031310610 - 2020-01-29 903
This number keeps calling my cell number and leaves no message just calling all time of the day and night

Report for 1-4048742262 - 2020-01-29 404
I am receiving calls from this number on my cell phone. Please remove this number from my phone.

Report for 1-2019412015 - 2020-01-29 201
They call twice to my cell phone every day. Never leave a message.

Report for 1-3233473757 - 2020-01-29 323
Received call from this number today. Recorded call from a Michelle. Told to call back and reference a file number. Gave a name. I called back and they asked for reference to a previous address. I said it was an old address that I had not lived at at that date. They said they had sent me letters and didn't get any response from me. They said this was a follow-up call. I asked if was to the person. They said No. I asked if was was my social security number. He said Yes. I said then who was this calling in reference to. He said David and gave a name. He asked me to repeat the last name. I said ok and he asked me to hold for the next available agent. There was lots of noise in the background and the call was disconnected. I did call back again and was hung up. Called after hours 855-207-59

Report for 1-3173420247 - 2020-01-29 317
I don't answer calls that I don't recognize. The caller did not leave a voicemail.

Report for 1-6468941692 - 2020-01-29 646
called me today. I am in NC. Didnt listen to the whole message till it said it was urgent to call back. I did not trust. I will block it

Report for 1-8312180505 - 2020-01-29 831
Called my cell phone. I do not answer numbers that I do not recognize.

Report for 1-9161931983 - 2020-01-29 916
Caller ID showed "BARF," whatever that means. I answered, and no one was there. My answering machine answered and they let off a fairly loud dial tone, which is never a good thing. Clearly it isn't a legitimate caller.

Report for 1-2122535071 - 2020-01-29 212
Received a voice mail, female, sounded professional but stated they were calling us from FBI, and I or my attorney is required to call them if we did not respond. When I did call back, they tried to tell me I wrote bad checks and would be arrested, etc. They did have what seemed to be some of my information, but when i asked who my lawyer was - she responded something like "I don't know, we handle that...I have your attorney call us", and hung up. This is clearly a scam.

Report for 1-2108220040 - 2020-01-29 210
Got three calls from these people today, the numbers were similar to the ones previously reported: 201-210-9084, 201-210-9090 (201-210-9031 and 201-210-9104), 201-210-9036, 201-210-9075. The numbers are spoofed. I get these calls regularly, even at 8 in the morning. The first two calls were ignored, but the third left an unintelligible message on my voicemail. Scam. Block it. If they have a real legitimate need, they will send you certified mail.

Report for 1-6616219332 - 2020-01-29 661
I just got a phone call from this number . It was about my SSN being compromised. I was freaking out. I hung up.

Report for 1-7745162031 - 2020-01-29 774
I keep getting these calls. I have no association with Citibank. This is a scam. No one has anything that should be in collections with me. I get calls from Citibank (which is an auto, homeowner insurance and a new car company) all the time. They do NOTHING through phone calls. If you give them personal information they will steal it even more. Do Not give them any information. They call my cellphone for one thing or another. They get information about you from whatever website they can find. I have had to block my cell phone and only answer when it rings on my cell. If you keep calling I will get in touch with C.I.D. and report the abuse to the phone companies. My cell company has a system set up to report these calls to them immediately. They have the right to do this. They have been calling my cell phone every day for the past 3-4 months.

Report for 1-9035060268 - 2020-01-29 903
Caller did not leave a message. Blocking number

Report for 1-8312493724 - 2020-01-29 831
called, they left no message.

Report for 1-5801106333 - 2020-01-29 580
They keep calling, just now, from Virginia G. ... I never pick up these calls, as they are usually crap and I'm on the do not call list.

Report for 1-4159652067 - 2020-01-29 415
CID said "Lancaster, Ca". I let it go to voice mail. No message left. I never answer numbers I don't recognize.

Report for 1-3143686998 - 2020-01-29 314
Called at 1:40pm. No message.

Report for 1-2283836443 - 2020-01-29 228
No message left. No caller ID

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