Report for 1-2136233543 - 2020-06-22 213
Got a call from this number today (07/25/19) at around 6 PM. Caller ID showed up as "California." Did not answer, no message was left. . . . Just another scammer in the making. Don't waste your time answering their call. Block this number and any number after it.

Report for 1-2022391709 - 2020-06-22 202
Got a phone call from this number and they said something about a law suit. I said to them.."What kind of law suit?" I hung up and called the number back. I asked the lady what company she was from and she asked, "why you called me." I said.."do you have your credentials ready?" She hung up again. I called back and when it went to a generic voicemail, it just plays music.

Report for 1-8642268767 - 2020-06-22 864
Just received a robo call from this number. When I said "hello," a second robo voice came on and began to talk to me about my "Medicare," which I do have. I hung up. Obvious scammer.

Report for 1-7082261359 - 2020-06-22 708
I have received these calls several times and all I can say is they are scammers!! If they ever call you tell them this is a government call please hang up and call them back and hang up! No one believes they are really from the US GOVERNMENT and the US GOVERNMENT will not call!

Report for 1-9566680707 - 2020-06-22 956
I got the same email too.

Report for 1-3204888888 - 2020-06-22 320
Caller ID says CVS Caremark

Report for 1-9082094581 - 2020-06-21 908
Got the same call, and a partial message left on machine. Scam for sure!

Report for 1-7147964358 - 2020-06-21 714
I want this number to stop calling me I am very sick

Report for 1-4698350853 - 2020-06-21 469
called my cell phone and hung up. i called it back it is a sales pitch for energy.

Report for 1-2706058020 - 2020-06-21 270
A man called said he was from some company I could not understand and was offering a trip, just need to pay the taxes. I told the man it seemed like a scam and I was not interested. He quickly hung up. I called the number back and got an ajne voice mail: "Number is not in service"!

Report for 1-9031693232 - 2020-06-21 903
I have received calls from this number and also 877-503-8194, I haven't answered either but they have left messages several times telling me they are going to serve me with legal paper, never say what they are or who they are. I am not sure how they received my number since this has been the same number for three months.

Report for 1-9089044828 - 2020-06-21 908
Scam - asked for name and then said she'd mail donation form.

Report for 1-3362728447 - 2020-06-21 336
Received call on my cell phone from this number. Did not answer. They left message on my voice mail asking about a friend.

Report for 1-8129410325 - 2020-06-21 812
Got this same call about 5 min ago, they left a vm to call them because I owed a payday loan, I got a online payday loan a couple years ago, never got anything from them! I called them back I told them they were a scam and they got mad and hung up on me.

Report for 1-9513100458 - 2020-06-21 951
Called, left no message. Called right back and it was a recorded message about a "Free Cruise". It's for sure SPAM...

Report for 1-7184502974 - 2020-06-21 718
I am on do not call list i am looking for health insurance

Report for 1-4845683167 - 2020-06-21 484
Called at 7:32pm and left no message.

Report for 1-3523100807 - 2020-06-21 352
I called them and they said I could take a credit card number with name. and make whatever payment and just pay the 15.00 for shipping and it would be 100.00 for the rest it will be $99 so it is easy. They had 2 charges for $1.00. I called them the next day and cancelled but after reading this I now know. they will do what I am complaining about to take my money. Please call number back and call them again and they will get your money back.

Report for 1-3104254809 - 2020-06-21 310
Called at 8:20am in central time... I don't pick message left

Report for 1-3055779711 - 2020-06-21 305
They just have called and left no message. I tried calling them back and it's a non-working number? Please give me a break. I didn't say a single word to them and that's all I said to get the automatic hangup from their damned robodialer.

Report for 1-2815022479 - 2020-06-21 281
No message left.

Report for 1-3212751191 - 2020-06-21 321
Received a call from this number as well. Since I screen all unknown calls, I was suspicious it was yet another worthless scammer.

Report for 1-7277934356 - 2020-06-21 727
I've been inundated with calls from this #. If I know the area code I ignore it, and since they have called before I don't answer.

Report for 1-8456346116 - 2020-06-21 845
CID: AZVILLA AZUnrecognized number. Blocked.

Report for 1-2679301850 - 2020-06-21 267
Just called. I don't pick up calls I don't know. This was an automated message. Stated they were the irs... and that I owed too much money and there was a warrant put out for me.

Report for 1-9045150426 - 2020-06-21 904
They called me at 5:45am and asked for my name. I told them not to call me at this time and they asked if I was a [***] and hung up on me.

Report for 1-3614000967 - 2020-06-21 361
They keep calling I don't know who they are and how they're not calling on my number I'm on a do not call list and I'm very angry about that. And I'm reporting this company.

Report for 1-2813188064 - 2020-06-21 281
Just received a call from this number as mesage.....looks like it's coming out of Chicago

Report for 1-7025954780 - 2020-06-21 702
Called my cell phone. I let it go to voice mail. No message. Added to Block Caller List

Report for 1-4692109451 - 2020-06-20 469
I keep getting calls from these a**holes. I would just say BLOCK the number and don't pick it up. I love how the caller ID identifies their number as: "Fraud". Block if you can. Thank you for your time doing your part, as I am sure you find these calls distracting.

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