Report for 1-6123264494 - 2020-04-18 612
It's a scam.

Report for 1-3058392200 - 2020-04-18 305
called on a Saturday didnt answer. no message left

Report for 1-6303333638 - 2020-04-18 630
CID said Out of Area. This is one way to make me think it's a political survey that can be collected any way they choose to. My guess, if this was really political,

Report for 1-8436243276 - 2020-04-18 843
Got same message about virus on computer . Total SCAM

Report for 1-5511476015 - 2020-04-18 551
No message left. Calls every day from the same number and has for weeks.

Report for 1-7472487926 - 2020-04-18 747
I just received a call from Michael Foster from the 'Compliant Supervision and I.D. division' saying there was legal action for me pending (from a credit card from 6 years ago with Cash Advance) and if I didn't respond, I could go to jail. They had my name and my mother's maiden name. I've had this same problem with another Credit Card company trying to collect on a debt. They had my home address. They said they were going to take legal action. I told them I had reported them to the District Attorneys office as this is a scam and to stop calling my family, etc. I have the same problem with one

Report for 1-3037312508 - 2020-04-18 303
I didn't receive a call but they are the only ones that are saying this. They called me today and left a message saying, its a claim against my name. They did not leave this information on a robot voice voicemail as some of the other posters. They don't call it a "claim" they just say its a claim against your name. These people are the only ones I've heard of who are saying it. I don't know how they got my phone number and I don't know who or what they want! Any one who knows can tell me....

Report for 1-2027806137 - 2020-04-18 202
I just recieved a call from a guy named "James" saying that I have a legal messange filed with the county on me as he was trying to get me to call this number. I have nothing out there, so I am still in stunned. I have been dealing with this mess for the last 2 1/2 years since a guy with the name "Brett Johnson" started calling me every couple of months. Same thing every couple of months I pay something and then they take me to court. I just wonder if you all know why they keep trying to play them as a debt...

Report for 1-6050212004 - 2020-04-18 605
Calls daily, blocked.

Report for 1-9250932290 - 2020-04-18 925
This man called and the first time he called I didnt have a pen and paper to take his information. Today I was able to take down his information and call them back. I spoke to 2 different people, one who didnt speak very good english so I took down the message they left and was able to ask several questions. The two people I spoke to were not of Indian decent. They told me to never answer their stupid calls and to just hang up on them but still kept calling. Today I told one guy to call me back and he started yelling at me in a very hateful voice saying "You are such a liar, I will call my lawyer and have him call you" and then hung up. This is a complete scam! If this person was legit then I would get papers served to have them pick it up in person! How would they do anything with a phone to begin with! Anyone have any ideas? I will be blocking their number from my phone so hopefully that will stop it.

Report for 1-8482561101 - 2020-04-18 848
Calls 3 times a day, no body there.

Report for 1-4142468081 - 2020-04-18 414
These a-holes keep calling me trying to get me to buy a life insurance policy. I've asked them multiple times to stop calling me. I have insurance, but just want them to STOP!

Report for 1-2126561433 - 2020-04-18 212
Just got the same message, I tried to call the number back and the call was non-working, blocked

Report for 1-2407644265 - 2020-04-18 240
Caller ID shows "UNKNOWN NAME" and the number. They left no message. I have blocked my number (from my local exchange) and called back using my work landline. The call automatically goes to my voicemail but it is a recorded message saying I have dialed a number that has been disconnected or is not in service. All calls that go out of service are the result of a cyber crime ring spoofing disconnected/changed phone numbers to attempt to collect personal data and credit card information. DO NOT RETURN ANY CALLS FROM THIS SCAMMER. They are fishing for personal and credit card information.

Report for 1-7623041101 - 2020-04-18 762
no message

Report for 1-7735923908 - 2020-04-18 773
Robocall, no one answered. Called at 10:23 an hour,

Report for 1-3058392200 - 2020-04-18 305
The FTC has just fined them $20,000 for the same thing.

Report for 1-5034473679 - 2020-04-18 503
Caller ID: Mort GileadMedia Sue Mortis, MSgt (who knew what she was doing) Caller said she was calling from the doctor's office because my healthcare plan is no longer covering his services. Since I did not know what this was I decided to play it a little more and she got flustered. I was not too polite. I told her I already told her not to contact me again so I asked her why she was so flustered (as in fluster, not flakey) and she said I didn't need to listen to that so I asked her to tell me her company name so I could write it down. She refused and wanted to tell me. I told her she didn't need to write it down because I would be flushing it down the toilet if she did. I just said "What ever you want to call it, you can write anything down." and hung up.It is obvious, this is

Report for 1-3212784623 - 2020-04-17 321
Called left no message. Blocked..

Report for 1-7728287128 - 2020-04-17 772
Caller id was WESTMINI. No message left. Pres

Report for 1-2023413317 - 2020-04-17 202
Just called me in Canada

Report for 1-8312960648 - 2020-04-17 831
They called back and left voicemail saying they were with

Report for 1-8040001018 - 2020-04-17 804
This number has called repeatedly and each call they ask for someone that doesn't even live at my home. Asking to stop calling is like asking for fire ants to die. I called them back to tell them to stop calling and they refuse. Now I know from the previous posts that this is a scam company.

Report for 1-2622934080 - 2020-04-17 262
Scam call from IRS...don't waste your breath...DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION!!!!

Report for 1-8173362597 - 2020-04-17 817
Provisional came up on my caller ID but no message. My phone identified it as a possible spam caller.

Report for 1-3122019123 - 2020-04-17 312
calls repeatedly and is so annoying

Report for 1-9139756377 - 2020-04-17 913
This is a spammer number to collect medical info. They pretend to be collecting on behalf of Medicare. They are scammers and the info isnt even needed...

Report for 1-2082816265 - 2020-04-17 208
Called to tell me that my warranty was about to expire.

Report for 1-4074391445 - 2020-04-17 407
I also received a phone call from this number and no messege was left. I also see where others had the same issue. I called the number back and went to the automated menu, and it was an auto message saying to hold on they will be with you then a very unprofessional sounding person picked up the line and I had to wait 30+ secs and then the line went dead. After listening to it several times I then received a voicemail that stated to leave a name and number and an acct number...I don't believe it is a "real" business...this phone number has some type of scam in it. I think it's best just to not answer, if you do then they will know it's a good and working number then they will sell the number to another company. It happened to me and I was just wondering if I should give to my local food bank and they ask for your donation!

Report for 1-3512634799 - 2020-04-17 351
I got this call and they stated they had papers in my name and to call this number 360-200-7037

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