Report for 1-7035652566 - 2020-04-21 703
I think he is being scammed. His account was already reported to the FBI as a fraudulent attempt to obtain money.

Report for 1-7035104003 - 2020-04-21 703
Called and left no message, just hung up when I answered

Report for 1-4049420300 - 2020-04-20 404
Called me, but would not respond when I answered the phone. I called back, but he answered, and I asked him to take my number off their list. After a few minutes, he began talking in what sounded like the language of India. I asked where he was calling from, and he said I'm going to come to your work or home and [***] you. I said I'm coming to your place of business, and he replied "Goodbye".

Report for 1-5189364226 - 2020-04-20 518
Called twice in a row, and I have since blocked it... no message, I'm sure.

Report for 1-8483003265 - 2020-04-20 848
Got two calls from this number this morning on my business phone.

Report for 1-6182342132 - 2020-04-20 618
Received a call from 210-239-1657, it was an automated voice with an accent saying they had a litigation filed against me by the IRS. They said to call back 1-855-217-9641 for further information. When I called back the number left on my voicemail the foreign person answered the phone as the Internal Revenue Service and said I was audited by the IRS for 2011 and it was found that my audit was not completed on time or was incorrect info and that a lawsuit was filed and I would be picked up tomorrow in front of a jail wIthout bond. That Jail Officer Jason Cooper, a name used is the name he gave me. When I told him I will call the IRS myself he promptly hung up. He then called back several times and said that I would be picked up tomorrow in front of a Jail wich wAn't be in my passport and he will need a new passport. I knew that was a lie as the Jail wIthout bond is not for one year and is paid by your tax returns. My wife had called the IRS she told them that it was a scam from a foreign voice. The IRS assured me they did not call me, they did

Report for 1-6187972001 - 2020-04-20 618
Missed the call

Report for 1-2810075120 - 2020-04-20 281
Called and left a message about a settlement and a lawsuit. I don't think so!

Report for 1-2407840888 - 2020-04-20 240
Called 3 times today within 15 minutes. Left voice mail each time stating call is for [my name inserted], something along the lines of "don't hang up". Total bull.

Report for 1-6365288293 - 2020-04-20 636

Report for 1-3131218000 - 2020-04-20 313
Another call at 8:15 am but from a different phone number everytime.

Report for 1-3142695727 - 2020-04-20 314
Have gotten numerous threatening messages from this "Michael Rhodes" who states that there is a legal pending action pending for me, and that I have officially been notified. It is always a robotic voice that is the message. I just keep blocking the numbers they come from but they never give up and keep calling from new numbers. If they really are taking legal action against me, they will have the proper paperwork. Otherwise, they are just trying to scam me.

Report for 1-5124786617 - 2020-04-20 512
The number was 888-201-8725 - They did not answer when I picked up and when I called back I got the message "no service available"

Report for 1-5036695500 - 2020-04-20 503
Same message as the rest, a computer generated voice, says that "you haven't paid your taxes in years." I have had two call me so far today.

Report for 1-2128808800 - 2020-04-20 212
These folks left a message stating that I would be cut off in the next 48 hours because I don't have any service or equipment, and to call them back if I still had that service. They didn't say what service or equipment.

Report for 1-9045505555 - 2020-04-20 904
Robo call, a new "V" number to block. We are on the Do Not Call List - the telemarketers don't get the memo.

Report for 1-7709528450 - 2020-04-20 770
I got a call from this number tonight - when i answered it, there was no response.

Report for 1-8189558675 - 2020-04-20 818
Just called me. No message. My cell didn't ring as I did not answer the call.

Report for 1-8316222052 - 2020-04-20 831
It's a company called KWSS, a radio station, they ask to speak to an employee and this is a sales call so they want to know if this is the right person, when someone is not on the other end the call gets disconnected.

Report for 1-9099430002 - 2020-04-20 909
I received a call that went straight to voicemail but they left a message from "CPS" to call the firm at 888-406-3157 but didn't identify themselves.

Report for 1-2157090489 - 2020-04-20 215
Just happened to me too.

Report for 1-2523079917 - 2020-04-20 252
Just called @12:13pm and hung up - no message - from caller ID "New York NY"

Report for 1-4010302501 - 2020-04-20 401
Just called me

Report for 1-2165392287 - 2020-04-20 216
Got the same message. My cell received it twice today. I'm going to block it.

Report for 1-9161457677 - 2020-04-19 916
These [***] called my cell and left me a message...a scammer...i called back from a different number and the guy that answered asked me for my name...and he is a fake ...and asked me why I called...i said what do you want...i said i wasnt answering his question...he said hold...then another guy answers and said my name and i said excuse me...then he say [***] yourself and hung up

Report for 1-2257012703 - 2020-04-19 225
CALLED 2:35 pm 6.-16. NO MESSAGE

Report for 1-8314137540 - 2020-04-18 831
I got 3 calls from this number on the same day saying the same thing that I was approved for a 7000 dollar grant that I didn't have to pay back. I said that's funny cause I dont have a job to get a grant from they said to call this number and it will be charge the 200 dollars in order to receive that 7,000.00 the dude was like I will tell you that once you give me that in full...I said why don't you give me a reason why you want me to give you a reason why you want that money? He just said I'm just trying to get me to get the money and to give you that 200 dollar security deposit and thats it. Wtf. I dont like someone talking to me like that cause i know its a scam to get money and I dont have it. So I just hung up on him.

Report for 1-5050076639 - 2020-04-18 505
Answered phone, no one there so I hung up.

Report for 1-7063068853 - 2020-04-18 706
I got a call from this number at 7:48am. It woke me up and I called the number back and it was an automated message where I press 1 to be placed on a do not call list. I then blocked the number.

Report for 1-3108967939 - 2020-04-18 310
Same here. Got a voicemail stating this was a final call and that the IRS had issued a criminal investigation against me. They are a bunch of scammers. They would not speak to me directly, just gave me the "cops" line.

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