Report for 1-4422041476 - 2020-08-29 442
They claim I have a unpaid loan and also claiming that they are going to take legal actions against me when I called to the company they never gave me any information and the

Report for 1-2034270437 - 2020-08-29 203
Just received the same call.

Report for 1-3310241000 - 2020-08-29 331
Just got the same call with the same reference#.

Report for 1-5036037772 - 2020-08-29 503
they have been calling and hanging up for the past 10 days..

Report for 1-2623947032 - 2020-08-29 262
Same deal's the usual "your Google listing is about to expire" scam. They have also called from 646-822-7077, 646-822-7079, and Now all of these numbers are blocked.

Report for 1-8302166934 - 2020-08-29 830
This caller is getting to be annoying!!! If someone were to file a complaint against this company it would not be done by phone calls from that person. I just found out from a friend that this company are out of California.

Report for 1-7705325651 - 2020-08-29 770
Recieved the same scam IRS message from this number also.I am assuming its the same idiots that have been harassing others all over.

Report for 1-8124161111 - 2020-08-29 812
What can we do to these scam numbers? The goverment cant arrest these people and dont have my info. they just want to scare you. The police department told me that the do not call list doesnt stop theses jerks from calling.

Report for 1-6302322162 - 2020-08-29 630
Called, caller id showed V22210923001702. Left no message.

Report for 1-4809053733 - 2020-08-29 480
No message called my number three times today.

Report for 1-6108662200 - 2020-08-29 610
called cell, left no message.

Report for 1-9198273917 - 2020-08-29 919
I too got a call from this number from Bob Moore to a friend of mine. If we have used a payday loan and he knew who we used it in New York I think he was going to come after him and get him. We don't live at home anymore he said it was a law firm. I have talked to attorneys on hold calls in the past I have told them we are not who they are looking for and to stop calling. We have received about a half dozen calls from all different telephone numbers

Report for 1-3472288753 - 2020-08-29 347
I got a call from a gentleman (or more likely, an alias calling me by my first name). The calls are recorded so I can get the names of the people making the call and to pass along the report to their authorities. Thank you for the service you offer people...I don't trust the government to take action.

Report for 1-2026979968 - 2020-08-29 202
I answered, and it was an automated voicemail claiming to be from Microsoft and that their service was being suspended due to there being unauthorised access to my credit card account. The call gave me the number 301-662-9107 to call back. I know I don't have any credit cards, so I knew this was a scam.

Report for 1-8582162660 - 2020-08-29 858
Just called. Left no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-8314198239 - 2020-08-29 831
I received the same message from an automated voice saying "Legal Investigation Division" and that I needed to call back to stop the arrest warrant from being filed. I did not! <

Report for 1-8142278817 - 2020-08-29 814
Have received 2 calls both saying the same thing; they wanted me to have my social security number ready when I called back on a recorded line. They said it was not a scam. I don't owe anyone anything (bank, car notes, etc.) But this stuff does annoy me.

Report for 1-3212751428 - 2020-08-29 321
called and left message about credit cards and possible income. Calls daily. When you call number doesn't work.

Report for 1-8638777471 - 2020-08-29 863
This number has been calling my house for over a week. They do not leave a message for whom they are calling for. I have called the number back but, it does not ring until it goes to a busy signal. I am getting really nasty with them.

Report for 1-9199652290 - 2020-08-29 919
These bottom feeders call and NEVER leave a message, just hang up. Don't call list doesn't work. I block EVERY number that comes up...and its only getting worse.

Report for 1-9728486611 - 2020-08-29 972
A man left a message saying that they will be at my home tomorrow between 10 to 12 to serve me papers and that I need to contact a person immediately with them giving an extension number to get the papers to stop. I called the number back that the message left with and they claim I have some kind of unpaid bill from years ago and that a warrant will be brought to my local sheriff's dept. and that I need to call them asap before they show up tomorrow. I checked the county phone numbers of both numbers and they come up with nothing! I do not intend on calling them back, since I am sure that was just a scam to get my information!

Report for 1-9164045597 - 2020-08-29 916
Called about my auto warranty about to expire. Hung up when challenged about the warranty as I already have one.

Report for 1-2125311542 - 2020-08-29 212
Just received a call from this number. The recording asks to put you on the no call list - I didn't.

Report for 1-2038202359 - 2020-08-29 203
Received same message.

Report for 1-6094888051 - 2020-08-29 609
Another 'free grant' scam. This one in Florida. They're desperate for desperate people. Block and ignore.

Report for 1-5036037772 - 2020-08-29 503
I think it is a company selling credit cards.

Report for 1-3148019049 - 2020-08-28 314
Said I had a criminal lawsuit from the IRS.

Report for 1-3213525506 - 2020-08-28 321
Same thing on my voicemail. Sounds like a scam. I did not call.

Report for 1-8123257629 - 2020-08-28 812
I get calls like this one all the time I called it back but no answer, blocking this number

Report for 1-9163666660 - 2020-08-28 916
Same as below

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