Report for 1-4078907250 - 2020-07-01 407
No message left...will block!

Report for 1-6782174821 - 2020-07-01 678
I just heard the same message in the voicemail

Report for 1-8047447551 - 2020-07-01 804
This is a new one for me. I called back today (April 25, 2015). This is a recording that states that the number no longer will be in service and my cell phone number was not in use. In other words the number does not receive incoming calls. I called back 3 more times and the same recorded message. When 3rd time i called (same number) i gave the operator a bogus case number that i made up. I have not called back since.

Report for 1-2153220555 - 2020-07-01 215
SCAM. Got a call and VM with a robotic voice saying your Google+ account has been deactivated, press 1 to activate it. This is a scammer spoofing the caller ID for some real Google person (I think I'm that person?) so they could be scammers. I didn't press 1, but I called Google to see if they had received any calls from any Google account or account holders (they didn't). They didn't.

Report for 1-5028907136 - 2020-07-01 502
A Guy asked me for my name I kept saying who are you he said David

Report for 1-2536500228 - 2020-07-01 253
Said hello then silence then they hung up

Report for 1-5310142330 - 2020-07-01 531
This was a message left for me by a "Jenny Anderson" about being investigated for tax evasion. And a warrant for my arrest was issued. I haven't even moved so i must be living

Report for 1-4084014322 - 2020-07-01 408
No message.

Report for 1-9144401006 - 2020-07-01 914
Caller leaves no messages.

Report for 1-3234739977 - 2020-07-01 323
I got a letter with This number on it. I Called and spoke with an Angela, I did not pay this and she told me to report them to the credit bureaus to get them to quit harassing me. I have to get my bank to pull my credit to make sure they no what a scam this was. This scam artist needs to be busted up

Report for 1-2094309963 - 2020-07-01 209
I received a text saying my name was Ashley Smith and to reply to a name txted. What kind of a message did they send?!

Report for 1-2403024030 - 2020-07-01 240

Report for 1-6105842331 - 2020-07-01 610
I received a voicemail on my cell phone that was a recording so I called 855-217-8705 back. They said they were AIA, a law firm, and that I had a payday loan in 2005 that I never had. Then I said I have no idea what you are talking about and she got rude and said that I was going to jail if I didn't agree to pay it off! I said fine, I'll be glad to sign and hung up! It's just crazy that something has to be in collections!!

Report for 1-5704760477 - 2020-07-01 570
I received a spam text from this number as well from someone I know about my rental, they are trying to hook up on the phone, and even if we text back they text back at you. They are scammers from out of the country or at least don't speak English very well.

Report for 1-3104518751 - 2020-07-01 310
Received a call from this number. Said I

Report for 1-5615746332 - 2020-07-01 561
I got a call

Report for 1-8137096368 - 2020-07-01 813
I received the same message too. Very irritating!

Report for 1-8652565101 - 2020-07-01 865
They keep calling me... I didn't answer...

Report for 1-9312516361 - 2020-06-30 931
they called a business. did not answer. no message left.

Report for 1-6149246087 - 2020-06-29 614
Left a message claiming to be the IRS and they were filing a lawsuit against me.

Report for 1-8573265057 - 2020-06-29 857
Called my cell phone at 7pm central?

Report for 1-2029001283 - 2020-06-29 202
No message left.

Report for 1-4029845990 - 2020-06-29 402
Same as other. A recorded message left that they are "reducing your debt" and to call back. Scammers

Report for 1-5163206970 - 2020-06-29 516
"I want to know where this car is". Ha Ha. I was born in the USA & immigrated to this country. Do people not have something better to do with their time??

Report for 1-9519037830 - 2020-06-29 951
I got this call from a woman named Kimberly Johnson claiming to be the fraud detection division for the IRS, telling me that there was fraud activity and I was being charged with tax fraud and to kindly call back immediately to prevent further legal action. She also gave me a case number to reference when calling. After reading some comments below, I know it is a scam.

Report for 1-2035830064 - 2020-06-29 203
They called me today. Didn't pickup. No voicemail

Report for 1-9173921183 - 2020-06-29 917
No message. Blocked

Report for 1-3105973781 - 2020-06-29 310
This is just an automated phone call, but it does start like this;Hello, this is Joe with J2 Global Capital. We have an important message from [company name]. Please call this number back [866-352-5147]. This is NOT J2 Global Capital." I called back and the number does not allow incoming calls. It is a nonworking number. Total scam. I just wish the gov would find these [***] and burn their [***] to the ground as I would like to call my [***] [***] out on them too.

Report for 1-8126356449 - 2020-06-29 812
They say that they have filed papers with the court and if I didn't call by that afternoon, I had my day in court.They gave me 2 different types of case numbers and said they had a case against me from 2010. I went to the police, the case no. is fake, i told officer that I had to see the records.When Officer said that I would find them and ask the police department, I got hung up on by officer.This company have no respect, when u see people on here talking crap about them and there company, they are the ones that did not pay there bills.I have spoken with the police, i have spoken with the court and they all told me to report this to Consumer Protection Bureau. I have contacted my credit and fraud agencies and will take any action I can before my credit or debit card are shut down, these companies have nothing better to do then harras honest hard working people.

Report for 1-3193789777 - 2020-06-29 319
It's a scam, don't pay them anything, report them.

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