Report for 1-7706144350 - 2018-08-26 770
called this morning but left no message

Report for 1-7701348568 - 2018-08-23 770
Called my cell phone which I am only in for a couple of months. They didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-7702250725 - 2018-08-16 770
Scam called me at 8am.

Report for 1-7703797916 - 2018-08-15 770
This is a spam caller posing as an IRS agent. He wanted to know where I was and could he have arrest me. Said he was from the IRS Criminal Investigation Dept.

Report for 1-7700840014 - 2018-08-07 770
Just blocked them. They don't think they hit the right thing so they keep calling. So much for privacy.

Report for 1-7700314537 - 2018-08-03 770
Got two calls back to back from the same number with the same reference number of 022805. I think this is a scam.

Report for 1-7703633827 - 2018-07-27 770
I had just received a call from 202-888-9056 with the same message. I called the real IRS. They did not use the term "before we start legal proceedings" . They told me its a scam.Don't worry. This is a scam.

Report for 1-7701187906 - 2018-07-13 770
This is a scam, I called the number and kept putting them on hold until someone actually answered asking for me.They claim to be the irs and have a law suit against me and an arrest warrant will be issued for my arrest...I hung up.

Report for 1-7708514914 - 2018-07-10 770
Said I have tax issue with the IRS, and wanted to me to call a Michael Smith at 678-730-3528...

Report for 1-7707086510 - 2018-07-07 770
Rang twice and hung up.

Report for 1-7700314537 - 2018-07-01 770
Caller id says "Toll Free Serv", I don't know of any company by this name, they leave no message, but when I dial the number just rings busy.

Report for 1-7703797916 - 2018-06-30 770
Calls all the time doesn't say anything

Report for 1-7702405010 - 2018-06-30 770
Same here, just had a call, called it back and it immediately hangs up. Harrassment?!!

Report for 1-7702405010 - 2018-06-30 770
Got a call @ 9am. Did not answer. Blocked the number. Scam

Report for 1-7703286754 - 2018-06-25 770
I just received the same call with the same message.

Report for 1-7705733393 - 2018-06-21 770
They keep calling and I do not know who they are because when I answer there is no one there.

Report for 1-7700111916 - 2018-06-20 770
I just received the same exact message from "John Smith"

Report for 1-7701047879 - 2018-06-14 770
Received a voicemail about Social security.

Report for 1-7703085077 - 2018-06-07 770
Receiving multiple calls, several weeks messages

Report for 1-7705232437 - 2018-06-03 770
Said they are IRS...

Report for 1-7706144350 - 2018-06-02 770
I just received a call from this number. Was a recording saying there was a problem with my Google listing and to press 1 to be transferred. When I pressed 1 someone got on the line said hello. I then asked them what company they were calling from and he said " Google". I asked to please be taken off their call list. I then hung up. Called the number back and a recording comes on "your call did not go through, please try your call" ????

Report for 1-7708829659 - 2018-06-01 770
They called, left threatening message. The female said her name was Karen and that she was a federal representative of the US Treasury Department. She then instructed me to call her back. I have not called back to find out as of yet if it is a scam or a valid department of the United states government call.

Report for 1-7701348568 - 2018-05-31 770
Called, left no message. Called and said they were from a medical insurance company. Tried to get information out of me.

Report for 1-7703085077 - 2018-05-06 770
"Hello, hello? Didn't hear your voice so I hung up."

Report for 1-7703633827 - 2018-05-05 770

Report for 1-7708829659 - 2018-05-03 770
Called a relative of mine and wanted to know where I lived they said they were trying to have a case file in my county, didn't say any name for what or for who or even my street address would not take well enough of it, said they worked with a client in my area that was going to be taking me to court but he had to know more about me since they are a legal firm.

Report for 1-7704769626 - 2018-04-26 770
Called, didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-7708318951 - 2018-04-25 770
We got this same message and I called back and the man I was talking to was saying we called weird and unprofessional.

Report for 1-7704769626 - 2018-04-19 770
Called but left no message. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-7707086510 - 2018-04-16 770
Called my cell. Hung up when I answered.

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