Report for 1-7137841513 - 2019-08-22 713
Called me 4 times yesterday and 6 times so far today in the last two hours. Has to be spam

Report for 1-7138747627 - 2019-08-11 713
These people called me too with the same information that I had stated in others who have received these calls. I called my State AG's office and reported this number for fraud. They do not believe me but give me a heads up I am not the only one receiving these calls. I had a bank statement showing the transaction that I had fraud and will be contacting them,

Report for 1-7132235840 - 2019-08-09 713
Called this morning at 2:30pm. Phone did not ring. There was no voicemail.

Report for 1-7136755271 - 2019-07-21 713
Same here. The woman says she left a message and my student loan servicer left a message that all payment options were declined (not true) when I questioned her about who she wanted to talk to she gave me the number 1-866-401-2450. I have no loans so I would say this is a bogus call.

Report for 1-7136720003 - 2019-07-15 713
I had a bad feeling after my husband and myself had recently gone to the court house to have a judgement removed. When I searched for what I thought to be the "plaintiff", the address was the one given. The "victim" has never been married. I was very suspicious, but then did my research online and read alot of other people posting the same experiences as me! They have called me three times today, and I have not picked up, just let the answering machine go off. If it was a legitimate summons, why aren't they leaving messages? The only message they left this time was "if you would like to be added to our do not call list, please press 3". I don't think they are real. They are trying to get money. They said they were from the "Enquirer's office" in Los Angeles. How do they get away with this if they are using an 877 number to call? What is the government doing?

Report for 1-7132235840 - 2019-07-11 713
I also got the same message on my phone the same guy named john wilson and gave a file # and everything as if it was real a few minutes ago when I called back the woman answered the phone with her name and that company I goggled that her name was karen something something she asked if I was me I said yes she said is this her company she was looking for if not yes then I said I have a bad connection don't want to get hung up on so she said just say yes then I ended up hanging up on her

Report for 1-7135530810 - 2019-07-08 713
This isn't a scam, it actually just happened to me. There was a fee I didn't know about for the previous month (I don't remember doing that, but it did happen) as an attempt to verify my service with my cellular carrier. I called them back just trying to find out exactly what went through their

Report for 1-7132230096 - 2019-06-30 713
I received the same exact call except it was for an actual house address.... I know that scam

Report for 1-7136728251 - 2019-06-29 713
Called with a legal matter and to call back. Blocked number.

Report for 1-7133640988 - 2019-06-21 713
Scam! Blocked.

Report for 1-7139750357 - 2019-06-15 713
This guy calls all the time saying its confidential he needs to verify my signature. I'm really tired of it

Report for 1-7132230096 - 2019-06-07 713
Just got a call from this #. I said hello two times. I said hello again, same lady answered then I hung up.

Report for 1-7139750357 - 2019-06-03 713
You should have never sent them that much money for nothing, so you

Report for 1-7138988451 - 2019-05-29 713
I received the same message. They said I had 24 hours to respond before a warrant is issued.

Report for 1-7136728251 - 2019-05-27 713

Report for 1-7135613027 - 2019-05-20 713
Spoofing phone number trying to scam

Report for 1-7138988451 - 2019-05-20 713
This number call my phone 5x in the last half hour and they leave threatening messages. I dont know whos number thsi person is calling. I have never applied to any college and cant understand what the message is about except to call them. I want this harrasment to stop

Report for 1-7135242333 - 2019-05-18 713
Another unwanted call from another unknown number, which I did not answer

Report for 1-7134641511 - 2019-05-13 713
Call and leave no message they have called a few times. Very annoying and have put them on the block list.

Report for 1-7137841513 - 2019-05-13 713
I got the same message today!

Report for 1-7136720003 - 2019-05-09 713
I answered and they hung up. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-7136755271 - 2019-05-04 713
They called and said they had two charges against my husband and that he needed to call the claim number or they would contact him at work or home. He called me and I called them, they were actually trying to get money from me but I was not taking any payment. They told me how much I could send in, I told them a lot, but not nearly as much as they were willing to take and I told them I could get someone else to take the payment because I wasn't taking that much to get them money. A lady with a thick indian accent called back within 1 minute and hung up when I told her my husband was calling him back.

Report for 1-7136682694 - 2019-04-23 713
Told them (IRS) that the government is aware of their scam. I've told them over 15 times that I know its a scam and they still call from different numbers!

Report for 1-7136728251 - 2019-04-17 713
Left no message. Number/caller was not familiar to me. Didn't even try to call back the number. Will block the number if/when they call again.

Report for 1-7135242333 - 2019-04-13 713
I am the same person as you. I have tried getting the phone company to block the calls because they call about 10 times aday, they use all different numbers, and I have told them at least 20 times that they have the wrong number and if I had any interest in changing my cell phone provider, I would call them myself. I do not live in Illinois. Then, I tried going to the Better Business Bureau and they were not the only companies to offer help from them. It is such a hassle to get them to stop bugging you.

Report for 1-7135746679 - 2019-04-03 713
Call at 6:50 am claiming to be from US Government Grants

Report for 1-7136720003 - 2019-03-28 713
You and I have reached the same conclusion..I have reported every number this has come from, and they have called everyone that has my same name. I filed a report with Better Business Bureau and the FBI also. The one thing that you can do is call the police on them, there is no need to even argue with them as they are breaking the law just like stealing something from a store! Thats what I will do everyday and there is a group going to get this started as well. Good luck!!

Report for 1-7136728251 - 2019-03-22 713
Received call at 9:30 pm. Just hung up. Very annoying and frustrating!

Report for 1-7136965555 - 2019-03-16 713
I kept receiving calls from this number telling me i had an issue with my Apple computer. I didn't believe him. He asked me if I wanted to use his computer. I think he might have got my personal information.

Report for 1-7134671960 - 2019-03-14 713
Asked for a guy I didn't know and said he could put me on the do not call list. Told her they have the wrong number and to not call back. She said they would but you know what? It has been a hundred times now, and it does not work....

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