Report for 1-2104050377 - 2020-01-16 210
Called and didn't leave message. Blocked

Report for 1-2107290205 - 2020-01-13 210
No message - just dead air - blocked

Report for 1-2108880766 - 2020-01-13 210
Rang once. no message. BLOCKED

Report for 1-2102729296 - 2020-01-06 210
Repeatedly calls daily. Never leaves messages. I am so sick of all these darn calls..I've blocked there number, but they always call from different numbers. So annoying!!!! I have blocked them on my phone but that doesn't seem to stop them. They've called at least 6 times today already!!!!

Report for 1-2102185705 - 2020-01-01 210
they have my number

Report for 1-2108203961 - 2019-12-25 210
Some [***] named JUIF said I have a payday loan out for $300.00 and I need to pay $400.00 or go to court. They had all of my information and said it was from an online payday loan, said they mailed me paperwork and nothing showed up. I told him to send some documentation to me and I will see it is valid. Then I hung up on him!!

Report for 1-2109796950 - 2019-12-20 210
Called twice today in about an hour, they left no message

Report for 1-2108074079 - 2019-11-30 210
they called this am no message left . I

Report for 1-2100040431 - 2019-11-22 210
Called my cell phone, I did not answer

Report for 1-2104020492 - 2019-11-18 210
Answered the phone, said nothing, they hung up. Blocked number.

Report for 1-2106921988 - 2019-11-17 210
I just had a call from the same so called department of social services number 888 202 9733 and also 607 688 9907 saying that I have a grant money for $8000 to collect for taxes and to call back and give them a confirmation number to make sure of my payment when I called the man that my had called from a blocked number and his name was Michael Jackson I was then transferred to his supervisor Jack Lewis who would not give me any details and said he needed my bank information and I would need to send $200.00 to then make my loan but I needed to make my deposit $300.00 because his company was ready to make the deposit before I received the $8000.00 grant money when I informed him that he just went around the block on me so he asked me was my name is Mike Jones and I said yes and then he stated to me that he could use my name and I said I will be glad when the paperwork is filed with the court and that did not happen did not go through did not give me a name but had a heavy Indian accent trying to get all of my information I was so dumb and I did call the government and I was told that there was no way they could call the number back and it was scam so please people do not fall for this

Report for 1-2108074079 - 2019-11-10 210
I guess I got a call from this number to my cell phone on 8/20/2018 (I answered) and after I said hello about 10 to 15 times, the computer generated voice said goodbye and disconnected.

Report for 1-2103211104 - 2019-11-07 210
They just called and gave me the same crap. Told me I'm a [***] and it's my fault if I had an outstanding bill. Told him I was reporting him he said it doesn't work that way then hung up. Lol

Report for 1-2102244555 - 2019-11-05 210
Have been getting repeated calls this week. They never leave a message, I won't answer for the same reasons as others. I won't use my landline, because I have too many of these stupid calls coming in. It is a nuisance. I don't know how to get them to stop - I live in Canada, how can we make them stop? If I knew where they were, I would personally be in court in the US - how do we stop these [***] !!

Report for 1-2109796950 - 2019-11-01 210
Has been calling for weeks. No one on the line. No messages. I am going to block this number

Report for 1-2106394076 - 2019-10-21 210
Received two calls today at my place of business. First time a message was left about voting for Bernie Sanders. Second time they called and it was either a hang up - not a message or the beginning of a message that was truncated. Did not hear the last name in the message.

Report for 1-2104050377 - 2019-10-18 210
I have gotten calls from this number and no one talks. I want them to stop calling.

Report for 1-2108076393 - 2019-09-30 210
This is a scam. A recording came on when my voice mail was not yet set up yet stating that I had been served and the complaint against me was to be dropped off at my local police station for my record. It also stated that I will be served a summons or they may be forced to go to court or have the matter go to court before having to file a formal complaint of any kind.

Report for 1-2109796950 - 2019-09-26 210
called once, hung up-left no msg

Report for 1-2100020600 - 2019-09-21 210
This is probably NOT a legitimate process server but some guy who says he will serve me at my place of employment and to call him. They gave me a number and some case number.

Report for 1-2108888252 - 2019-09-20 210
Called today left no message .

Report for 1-2108220979 - 2019-09-15 210
Call your phone company, you may want to cancel and get a new number since you already know.

Report for 1-2105266628 - 2019-09-04 210
Called me today and left me a message. Said they were from the SS office. They kept changing their name and the company. They told me to call immediately or something stupid. They had all of my information already.

Report for 1-2108220040 - 2019-08-30 210
Called and left no message. SF, CA

Report for 1-2104050377 - 2019-08-17 210
Caller calls almost every day. Never leaves a message.

Report for 1-2106919773 - 2019-08-12 210
Caller ID said health insurance. I hung up as soon as I heard "Obamacare".

Report for 1-2104158370 - 2019-08-04 210
This number called the business line. A live man asked for me by name. It was a recorded message about a back brace. I hung up.

Report for 1-2105268650 - 2019-08-02 210
They just called. Caller said that my number was given as a reference for someone. When I ask whom the person was and why they were calling, the caller said that it was a private matter. I repeated the person they were calling about, and caller hung up the phone.

Report for 1-2107290205 - 2019-07-18 210
Google calls non-stop every day.

Report for 1-2108880766 - 2019-07-18 210
SCAM!!! Tried to tell me I was eligible for a government grant because I was one of 1500 people chosen out of more than 5000 people who have paid their taxes on time and only disputed one issue... I just need to call their number and give them a approval code... I know it's a scam!!

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