Report for 1-2064143296 - 2018-11-12 206
The usual junk callers. CID was POCO Rancho.

Report for 1-2068000054 - 2018-11-10 206
They call me and hang up. I called them back and they asked for some one that was not me.

Report for 1-2064006989 - 2018-11-08 206
It called me 5/13/16 5:20 pm, did not answer, did not say anything just hung up. Tried calling it back and got a message saying all customers are busy to leave a message.

Report for 1-2064430980 - 2018-11-07 206
No message. Called number back it was a recording that said it was a funds to help you get back on your feet. Press 1 for more info.

Report for 1-2066296035 - 2018-11-05 206
Called at 10:45 AM on a Saturday. No message. I've only had this number for a month and I get multiple calls for other numbers.

Report for 1-2068510202 - 2018-11-03 206
Called our home this morning, it rang for a couple of rings and then they hung up. No message left, but based on my online research it appears to be the same "Heart and Stroke" scams that have been calling me for MONTHS now from different numbers all across the country that I'm sure have nothing to do with Heart and Stroke Foundation. I just wish these jerks would get to STOP calling.

Report for 1-2063721112 - 2018-11-01 206
Got a call from this guy saying i owed an outstanding loan, called my lawyer, they are a scam! They called my work and told all friends.

Report for 1-2062022842 - 2018-10-31 206
Call no answer

Report for 1-2062182789 - 2018-10-28 206
They keep calling but leave no message. Caller ID Says Unknown Name.

Report for 1-2064515864 - 2018-10-25 206
Left no message.

Report for 1-2068564652 - 2018-10-23 206
Caller ID indicates "unknown name". Left a message that they are seeking to serve papers within some hour, if they do not hear from party to be served. I have received numerous calls from these folks, over the last year. They never say what they want, only that they are "filing papers as the next step", and

Report for 1-2062022842 - 2018-10-22 206

Report for 1-2063171680 - 2018-10-16 206
Just got a call on my cell. Didn't pick up because I'm sleeping. My number is private.

Report for 1-2062022842 - 2018-10-10 206
Scammers, fake IRS agent!

Report for 1-2063387865 - 2018-10-09 206
called at 1055 at night. No caller id and no message.

Report for 1-2064801668 - 2018-10-07 206
Keep getting calls without message, and sometimes nothing on the other end of the line when answering.

Report for 1-2063279125 - 2018-10-06 206
The caller is a bill collector named Statewide Credit

Report for 1-2062686637 - 2018-10-04 206
Called, no message, blocked.

Report for 1-2064011909 - 2018-10-03 206
Got a call from 305-914-3038. Said they were with an insurance company and said that I was owed a bill of $600.00. I said that I do not recall this insurance and she asked if I was on SS. I said yes and then she asked if I would like a verbal statement from my self stating my intent to pay off the bill. I said no and she hung up. It looks like this is a new scam number. Please don't fall for this they can hurt you. The number that the caller said to call back was 866-412-0459 and told me to give the reference number to 36099. I have nothing owed and have a clean record. I am not going to give them any money!

Report for 1-2064015364 - 2018-10-02 206
Scammer. Calls daily with a different spoofed number each time. Blocked them.

Report for 1-2066296195 - 2018-10-02 206
Said i had an apple i-cloud breach and not to use my device before i called them!

Report for 1-2062022842 - 2018-09-29 206
I get a call from them everyday. No voicemail left. I called the number and the voicemail was a prerecorded message saying you haven't entered this into your #, please hang up and try again.This is the 2nd time I have called back. The first time I got to speak to someone, who sounded middle-eastern or maybe india. When I asked who is the firm, they replied they are CFS. I asked them what company they are with, they said they have offices all over the states and that they can't tell me. I told them the firm, would not be calling from an unknown #, in which they replied, "oh, I said, we can't tell you that, we have offices all over the states." I said, "well, your company is not going to tell me who you are with, and I refuse to give you my #". This went back and forth a few times and I got frustrated. I did not give up the # so she hung up.I then call back, and a woman answered by saying I will be added to the do not call list...and she hung up immediately.So I called back and asked to speak to a manager and was hung up on right away. I called back and asked for a supervisor, and was hung up on again. I called back and again get the same people. I asked if this was a debt collection, and they said it was and to remove the # from the "do not call" list.

Report for 1-2064143296 - 2018-09-24 206
No message. ID "Bainbridge ID".

Report for 1-2066299904 - 2018-09-20 206
Got another call.

Report for 1-2064143537 - 2018-09-18 206
They left a message saying it was the IRS and they were filing a lawsuit against me. I called to tell them they were frauds and hung up.

Report for 1-2064143296 - 2018-09-16 206
I have been called by this number and have no idea who is calling.No message.

Report for 1-2064088408 - 2018-09-10 206
I'm pretty sure you have a case if you actually received a summons from a court. There was some type of subpoena that was served to me and the man that called me was David Cooper stating I needed to be home with my employer and sign to sign papers at an address associated with my SSN or an attendant would come to my home and/or place of employment. They have my full name, full address and my current bank information. The call came from phone number 1-800-256-3694. The man identified his company as, "Western" something or other and they were calling from Texas/Oklahoma/California area. He claims I will be served at my employer or at home, whichever comes first. He then got very aggressive when I began to ask questions, asking for specific information of me to confirm who I was. I asked for more specifics and was given a address that I lived at in 2007 and then he claims that the person was there in 2008 and he does not know that person anymore. He said I have to call them back at 1-888-364-0955 and it is imperative that I contact a Mrs. Williams immediately. What was the end result of this? I called back the number, (1-801)706-5472. I told them that I called I just got put on hold for a minute and then I hung up. I called back a few minutes later - the receptionist got to the phone - she did not hear me but I was able to understand my voice mail. She did not return the call to me or give me any more details as to why I was being called. I then called my attorney friend who is

Report for 1-2064007062 - 2018-09-09 206
Got the same message as everyone else. Called it back. A guy with an Indian accent answered stating they were Microsoft and then he asked me for permission to connect to my computer I hung up. Total scam!!

Report for 1-2064384148 - 2018-09-06 206
Just received a call. They identified themselves as

Report for 1-2063171551 - 2018-09-04 206
Received 2nd call from this number today and first time said "Goodbye" and hung up, then it was to my answering machine and today after reading other posts it was to a friend of mine. I just want calls from these people to end.

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