Report for 1-2063805012 - 2017-08-28 206
Called left a voice mail telling to call the number back and talk to a live agent, called back and said it's been paid off for over 2 years now? I was scared to death cuz i know i have no outstanding loans. This guy told me to get lost with my life and he knows who knows what and why

Report for 1-2068233735 - 2017-08-11 206
Called left no message. Blocked!

Report for 1-2065960526 - 2017-08-09 206
Same as others have commented - "the IRS IS going to send the cops to come arrest me"

Report for 1-2064801668 - 2017-08-04 206
Call your phone company or visit this site and complain. I got lucky and my phone company told me it could cost $1500.00 or more to change the numbers that they have access to. Here is a website to see how much you will possibly save

Report for 1-2064547687 - 2017-08-02 206
I received a call from this 888 401 9790 number. The automated voice said "We've been trying to contact" regarding a claim and said they'll be contacting employers with their information concerning my claim. I am an advisor for someone and they stated they are trying to resolve my case but would need to hear from this person or they will file the suit. I know that this is BULL and a LEGITIMATE LEGAL OUTSOURCING company will not leave such an annoying message but instead will mail you documents. It's some type of scam and I'm sure it's a scam and a waste of my time. I am filing a complaint.

Report for 1-2066299904 - 2017-08-02 206
Same message. This is Johnathan Davis with the investigation department of the Internal Revenue Services. This is time sensitive matter and you or your attorney need to call me back at 202-455-6927. Thanks,

Report for 1-2064515864 - 2017-07-31 206
Scammers claiming to be federal government.

Report for 1-2063092556 - 2017-07-29 206
Some type of survey.

Report for 1-2063171330 - 2017-07-22 206
called and left no message, just hung up - added to growing list of blocked scam robo calls

Report for 1-2063380543 - 2017-07-17 206
Called three times today on different days. I don't answer, no message. So aggravating!

Report for 1-2062614516 - 2017-07-09 206
They have been calling for several days, but leave no message.

Report for 1-2063387865 - 2017-07-07 206
Calls my office line non-stop and hangs up on me. Am having trouble letting my bosses know this is going on.

Report for 1-2063387865 - 2017-07-05 206
I keep getting calls from this number. No messages left. I call back and get a busy signal.

Report for 1-2064801668 - 2017-07-04 206
Got two identical texts with the same ref. # in the last 24 hours - what a coincidence!

Report for 1-2063363529 - 2017-07-02 206
Scammers, calling about a "debt" that I don't even have!

Report for 1-2063092562 - 2017-06-26 206

Report for 1-2063171664 - 2017-06-22 206
No message.

Report for 1-2063884863 - 2017-06-20 206

Report for 1-2063387865 - 2017-06-20 206
Call everyday, sometimes twice a day. No message left. I refuse to answer. I don't know a David Gray nor have I ever heard of his.

Report for 1-2067499488 - 2017-06-20 206
I got the same calls this morning about my tax filings. This is a scam! I reported it to my local sheriffs office. So sad there are people that fall for these scams.

Report for 1-2063904594 - 2017-06-18 206
Called from this number, no one on the other end. Hung up.

Report for 1-2063274132 - 2017-06-17 206
I receive a call from this number on my cell phone. I have a receiving phone call every night around 10 tonight and they need not call me again tonight at 10:40pm!!!

Report for 1-2062022842 - 2017-06-14 206
this is another call I get from 203-420-5307 every few days. I never answer. and they never leave a message.I finally came round to a cellular phone 3 months ago and all those kind of calls dropped off - it was the phone that I can block calls in!!! I'm afraid even though I can block calls - I have to re add the blocked callers if they change numbers. I will pay for call blocking & buy a device that will block callers at least 50 numbers (so far). I don't have time & expense as it is - I want the peace & quiet for a change.

Report for 1-2063092562 - 2017-06-14 206
This number keeps calling our landline at the same time each day. Sometimes they call as early as 6am. Wish they would stop.

Report for 1-2064145147 - 2017-06-11 206
I have recieved 2 or 3 calls from this number in the last couple of weeks. I didn't answer the calls; however, I finally answered the 3rd call

Report for 1-2065484443 - 2017-06-09 206
Just called

Report for 1-2063884863 - 2017-06-09 206
Called my cell. I said nothing, they called right back and it went to a call that hung up right after I said hello.

Report for 1-2066297515 - 2017-06-01 206
Called 4/26/19 at 12:27pm CDT. Left recorded message in voicemail: "The IRS does not initiate contact with a 'cold caller' by phone. US mail only. The 'do not call' list is respected by scammers only. Scammers ignore it."

Report for 1-2063092556 - 2017-05-25 206
I keep getting calls from them and they just hang up. I called it back and no answer. I don't have much to add except the phone number and they called me by an old married names I haven't had since 1991.

Report for 1-2068000054 - 2017-05-24 206
I just received a call from this #. I just picked up the phone. No one said a word. I finally hung up. Caller ID was simply a #. CID said Boston, MA

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