Report for 1-2064158826 - 2017-10-20 206
Called and asked for head of household. I asked, you are calling for the head of your house? He said yes. I said, then you think you can have my number? He said, if that's who I am I can try to help you.

Report for 1-2065435301 - 2017-10-14 206
Had same message on landline. I called number out of curiosity. Asked my name. Refused to give it before a manager would be available. After I asked them to verify the name, address and phone number, they hung up.

Report for 1-2068510202 - 2017-10-14 206
If you get calls from this number, go to this link and make a complaint to Direct Contact. It's I was tired of them calling

Report for 1-2064088408 - 2017-10-13 206
Said I will be served a summons at my home or workplace. I don't owe money on anything on my credit report they keep calling. No case number was given. SCAM

Report for 1-2065021004 - 2017-10-10 206
Got the same call from "Kevin Marshall" from "Kelli & Moore Law Firm" in Los Angeles. He left me his number and a reference number, so I called back to let him know that I wanted to "make a payment", and I was actually polite. When he came on the phone

Report for 1-2063066727 - 2017-10-10 206
This person kept calling me. The phone then rang on the other line. No message was left. This could be a telemarker. I am on the no call list. They didn't leave a message either. I would suggest that if you get a call from this number, don't answer it. Just log it on the computer and report it, and maybe they will get rid of this number, as I plan on doing.

Report for 1-2063171344 - 2017-10-08 206
Got a call a few minutes ago. I asked to be removed from their list. The woman was rude replied "I'm going to call you every day and harass you till you answer". What is your issue, then....?

Report for 1-2065021004 - 2017-10-04 206
Called and said nothing, they said "hello, hello, ok, hello" 3 times.

Report for 1-2064141426 - 2017-10-02 206
Same message and caller from this number just did the exact same thing.

Report for 1-2065960027 - 2017-09-29 206
This number keeps calling my cell phone. When you call it back it's not a working number. Very annoying

Report for 1-2068233380 - 2017-09-28 206
Same No message. I called from a landline. A recording came up saying that all of their agents are busy, leave your name and number and someone will get back to you..and then the call drops. Scam for sure but now

Report for 1-2064088408 - 2017-09-28 206
Called and didn't leave a message

Report for 1-2068233735 - 2017-09-25 206
They keep calling multiple times in one day- just silence when i answer

Report for 1-2063387865 - 2017-09-22 206
I have never heard of them. I have got the same call on my company issued cell phone number. The voice was a robo call and said they were the company and did I know this person. They asked for someone and I told them they have the wrong number. They said if I don't go to the hospital and work on it myself, they would have to call the person or give the other their contact number. I told them to remove the number as I have never heard of these ppl. How can I have the wrong number and still get calls? I said then remove me from your robo calls. No one else had to call me. This would probably stop if it had stopped long ago. I called my phone company and put a block on the number. I still get these phone calls but the voice comes in a few days later.It's just harassment and I'm sick of it. No one gives anybody in this country the time of day. How can they be made to stop? Is there a place to report to that really good of a company? I'll send them a letter. Please do not call me. Thank you.

Report for 1-2064143296 - 2017-09-19 206
The same thing happen to me last night , i didn't answer and they left vm . I googled the number and got this site .

Report for 1-2063171641 - 2017-09-18 206
Just received a call from this number with no message left.

Report for 1-2064007062 - 2017-09-17 206
If it was from the University of Chicago, I'll bet the call came from a third party student loan. I received one this morning from an unidentified party who indicated that I would receive a settlement of $7100. My friend called back and provided the information and so forth concerning the deal.

Report for 1-2065960027 - 2017-09-17 206
called me 4 times in the last hour and a half... did not answer any of them... just left voice mails saying it was urgent and I needed to get the message..... no answer or reply

Report for 1-2068532703 - 2017-09-16 206
Same as everyone else.

Report for 1-2063315346 - 2017-09-14 206
Call from a man (not sure who he is) asking for my deceased mother. He then asked if I knew how to reach her and then proceeded to ask me to call this number. Very sketchy and I am not calling.

Report for 1-2065960027 - 2017-09-10 206
I got a call this morning. If you call a toll free number, the first four or so numbers of your telephone number appear in a pop-up screen. These appear when you are called an unknown telephone number, such as your telephone number is spoofed by someone else. It is a scam to get your information so they can steal your identity. They say they are a debt collector trying to reach you about a debt, but you don't owe them anything. But then they say you are in violation for not paying your bills. That makes it seem like it could be you. They don't say who they are with. I think the first four digits of your number appear in this screen. So if you are called from your house phone or cell phone with an unknown number by a debt collector, then it is most likely them calling. They will try to say they are a debt collector, but they are most likely trying to get you to give up some personal information so they can steal your identity. Do not answer any phone calls if you don't know the number calling you, especially the first few numbers. I did a reverse lookup on this number and it comes from "Sage Ministries". If you live in Kentucky, go to your county judge office and file a complaint. Then you have to wait for 30 days for the court to hear from you. This is the website of Sage Ministries. I am going to wait for the court paperwork.

Report for 1-2068510202 - 2017-09-06 206
Received a text from this number stating my boyfriend told me he wanted to meet me at the gym. I responded and said I am not interested, please not text him again

Report for 1-2063093835 - 2017-09-05 206
I'm waiting to talk to someone else. I hung up and then blocked the number. They've called 2 times in the last week.

Report for 1-2064515864 - 2017-09-05 206
Received a call on my cell phone. No message was left, so it is blocked now...

Report for 1-2065484443 - 2017-09-03 206
A message was left telling me that if I wanted my gift I needed to accept it and not give any information. It's got to be a scam.

Report for 1-2064801594 - 2017-09-01 206
These people call my whole family, my employer, and my sister saying they are looking for me and if they aren't able to get ahold of me the sherrif department will be coming to my door to serve me. They do not say what it is regarding and the number they give comes up as toll free call, but when the # is dialed it actually goes to the same place as the caller. I think they are scammers as my sister has since turned into quite a nut because they keep calling and making threats.

Report for 1-2063171478 - 2017-08-31 206
They called a friend of mine saying thn could get ahold of me. Gave me this number as a point of contact to call and give the case number

Report for 1-2064801594 - 2017-08-30 206
Caller said he was from the IRS and wanted information

Report for 1-2063130000 - 2017-08-30 206
I called the number back, no one answered. Told them what I was up to, the lady said "fine". The phone number is from texas,

Report for 1-2062182789 - 2017-08-29 206
Same as these. It is a SCAM. Report to proper authorities. This is the second time they call with the same message.

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