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843 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: South Carolina. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

North Charleston, Florence, Goose Creek, Hilton Head Island, Mount Pleasant, North Myrtle Beach, North Charleston, Summerville are among the cities served by NPA Code 843

843 / entries

Report for 1-8439721948 - 2020-08-30
They called a lot this week and said nothing and when i heard some background noise some where in the back ground the woman said her name was susie and she was calling about a loan I defaulted on. I don't have a loan I didn't pay off! She wanted some information like where I was living, where I work, and why were you calling my business, i dont think so!!!! I hung up, they called back and said if i dont pay up I will get arrested they said I took out a loan and the loan company didn't go away. The last call they said they were going to come to my job and arrest me, i told them not to do that and that I have recorded every phone call since then and sent it on to the cops and FBI. That was the 3rd one today and a different number that I know of called this week, I answered and told them to put me on the "do not call list" that I have notified the police, FBI and my local police department and to never call my phones ever again. She refused to put me on the DNC list so I hung up and they called back. I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint on this number. I hope something

Report for 1-8435707391 - 2020-07-25
Just got the same message. They're not even a legit collection agency I have no idea who or what they might be collecting for. These people call family members and ask for someone I've never heard of.

Report for 1-8436523625 - 2020-07-10
Unwanted call

Report for 1-8432545991 - 2020-07-09
I received a call from this number. I didn't answer and a voicemail was left... they stated they had an urgent business matter to discuss and they needed to discuss the details? No idea who, or what they are calling about.

Report for 1-8439721948 - 2020-06-23
I got a call to my phone phone ,and it's a spam.. it

Report for 1-8435558347 - 2020-05-26
Just got a message from this number. Caller identified himself as being with the "American Police Officers Association". Obviously a SCAM!! They are trying to get money in exchange for pledges.

Report for 1-8435549799 - 2020-05-24
I get calls from this number at least five times a day. I am registered with the national do not call registry, and believe it or not this is a legitimate telemarker that is trying to sell health insurance, insurance forms... I am in the process of changing my number because of these calls. I have been with my current number for years, and these people keep calling. And it is very annoying because once in awhile they start robo-dialing all types of numbers hoping to get a person to call. So if anyone out there can try and make this stop please do... so we can get rid of these calls and their ridiculous calls. Thanks!

Report for 1-8432466016 - 2020-05-19
I just got the same BS call...BLOCKED!

Report for 1-8439721948 - 2020-05-09
I received a call on the 5th from the "Unassigned" number. The guy was saying my computer was going to crash if I do not pay him $299 for service I never received. I let him do his spiel and I said "this is a scam" but then all of a sudden, my computer started working. I then hung up and called the number from a pay phone to play their little shi. The number was disconnected. Needless to say I will be going to the Sheriff's office this evening to report this criminal activity.

Report for 1-8436243276 - 2020-04-18
Got same message about virus on computer . Total SCAM

Report for 1-8430606140 - 2020-03-28
Another one of the numbers who uses a new number to annoy people. So sick of these types of calls!!!

Report for 1-8432729238 - 2020-03-17
Same [***] this morning.

Report for 1-8432777174 - 2020-03-02
Just got the same message and i dont have a computer

Report for 1-8432770199 - 2020-02-23
Did Not answer because I have had a lot of bad calls lately

Report for 1-8432770199 - 2020-02-21
This call was to inform us we were being summoned and needed to confirm address and work location

Report for 1-8432299773 - 2020-02-18
The call says there was a lawsuit against me and the call came from the same number this is a scam, I was told they would be here today to pick me up and would not give his name and the name of the attorney that he represented and told me I needed to contact him immediately to resolve the issue. They asked me to make payment via western union. This needs to be reported as a scam right back to its start!

Report for 1-8432777174 - 2020-02-16
Called again today. Same thing, blocked.

Report for 1-8432334750 - 2020-02-14
Same here. Missed the call. No message, no info.

Report for 1-8432317828 - 2020-02-12
Same thing, rang twice and hung up . Blocked.

Report for 1-8432317828 - 2020-02-09
Scam call.

Report for 1-8432362423 - 2020-02-01
It is a scam. I received a call two days ago from this number and left a voicemail. They threatened me with law enforcement if I did not call them back and when I called they gave me a different number to call back which i would not do it was a total hassle then I got a call today and was told I would be arrested immediately and I do not even have a speeding ticket so I am not sure what to believe. I would not speak to anyone of this kind who claims if you do not call back no one will help you and take it from there. I hope no one falls for this and that they get punished.

Report for 1-8435333786 - 2020-01-25
This is just a scam. I was told that they are part of some government program to get your loan interest rate lowered. I inquired what they wanted and they hung up.

Report for 1-8432696696 - 2020-01-22
This number needs to be shut down they have no morals.

Report for 1-8432285986 - 2020-01-20
The DNC isn't a call blocker. It's not a call blocker for telemarketers. It can do nothing about the scammers and criminals who don't follow the law. Criminals are already breaking laws. To stop them these scammers need to be put in jail.The DNC can stop criminals which is already happening.Check with your phone company to determine if you have a call blocker. If not, look into it and see if it can block calls from your "horror story" phone number.And for those of you who are really going to post a long rant complaining about the Government... get a real job, some morals, some values, and stop whining because you're not getting anywhere with this post. You didn't even write a sentence, but you were smart enough to know that this number is a SCAMMER.

Report for 1-8432383510 - 2020-01-13
Called again. No message.

Report for 1-8432729238 - 2020-01-11
Called me by name and said I won a sweepstakes...what a fool...whoever it is, must be a scam.

Report for 1-8431060561 - 2020-01-05
I keep receiving calls from this company and I dont know how to make them stop

Report for 1-8435188835 - 2020-01-02
I answered thinking it was a loved one calling (I was). No one spoke so I hung up. Now they are blocked. Happened on 1/25/16.

Report for 1-8432382156 - 2019-12-29
They didn't leave a message, just let me get a recording of them playing music and then someone breathing in the phone.

Report for 1-8432978477 - 2019-12-25
I got the same call the same thing, called my cousin said the same thing

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