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803 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: South Carolina. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Aiken, West Columbia, Rock Hill, Saint Andrews, Sumter are among the cities served by NPA Code 803

803 / entries

Report for 1-8035564185 - 2020-06-29
Has called everyday for the past few weeks and never leaves a message. Called back a few times and the call was terminated when I did.

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2020-05-20
Just called my cell again and they called me by my first name. Said to call this number, did not say who they were.

Report for 1-8035564185 - 2020-05-06
Same message as others have mentioned. No information about the company that they are using, nor the company that "caused" the computer to crash in order to get me to call them back...

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2020-05-04
Have gotten several calls from this number over the last few days. Didn't pick up.

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2020-04-21
Same message as previous reports. Blocked number.

Report for 1-8033027559 - 2020-02-08
Called my cell and left a 4 second blank voicemail.

Report for 1-8037963038 - 2020-02-04
Same thing, got a call from this number. No message left.

Report for 1-8035564185 - 2019-10-29
Called but left no message

Report for 1-8038549800 - 2019-10-21
This is what happened, after I clicked "2" to confirm a company I'm a little bit familiar with, and that I'd already talked to recently, I get a call I never answer. The call goes to VM, then a voice mail is left about being selected for some special deal. As it says "we will take you off the do not call list," I'm assuming that if i click on "2," I've somehow "verified" I'm a person in their database and I'm now on their "contact me" list to get my numbers called. I've reported it to the FTC.

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2019-10-11
This number (317 434-8169 with the Cancer Health Council in the Caller ID) called again today, just one day after the prior attempt. After several rings, they disconnected, giving me the opportunity to block them.

Report for 1-8033027559 - 2019-10-03
They called my cell and my office. I answered. They asked for me if I was (insert my name here). I responded no, they said "then perhaps you can help me". I asked again who they were and they hung up.

Report for 1-8037312122 - 2019-09-11
Same thing - they called and said a warrant for my arrest has been issued from Texas. I didn't think they sent something in the mail, so looked it up on this site and found all these comments.

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2019-08-20
Received message about a case pending with the same message as above and to call back.

Report for 1-8037312122 - 2019-08-16
Caller ID said California. No message left.

Report for 1-8038549800 - 2019-07-17
Same as previously reported. Said I needed to give them information before they serve me papers and they can garnish my wages etc. Scammers!!!!

Report for 1-8033027559 - 2019-06-30
just received a call. I am on the Do NOT call registry..

Report for 1-8033027559 - 2019-05-17
They left a voicemail in spanish. I called the number to see what was happening, and I got some man who couldn't speak English. I kept telling him I couldn't understand him and he finally hung up on me. I tried calling back and the line just kept ringing. I was gonna leave

Report for 1-8035564185 - 2019-05-05
This is the very same call this morning they threatened a lawsuit. I am a lawyer so I am the judge that dealt with this.

Report for 1-8033027559 - 2019-04-21
Same story with the text message. This was the number they gave to call back the social security office.

Report for 1-8037963038 - 2019-02-01
Caller ID shows "Unavailable" ... I don't answer calls from names/numbers I don't recognize.

Report for 1-8037963038 - 2019-01-29
i've been getting 3 calls a day from this number. i let it go into the ansering machine only to find that no one says a word. i'm on the donotcall list so i hope that helps.

Report for 1-8035564185 - 2018-12-25
Have been getting calls from this number and have called them back asking

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2018-12-05
You are a liar if you say he never called you

Report for 1-8037312122 - 2018-10-16
I received a phone call twice from this number, voicemail was left that I need to call them back from a law suit with personal information.

Report for 1-8037312122 - 2018-09-08
Called today at 1:25 pm EST, ID said unknown, left no message

Report for 1-8037312122 - 2018-08-02
Called but did not leave message

Report for 1-8038549800 - 2018-07-08
They call me saying they are the IRS

Report for 1-8036209606 - 2018-05-22
Called my cell, left no message. I blocked it. When I googled, the number was confirmed to be spam/fraud.

Report for 1-8038549800 - 2018-05-06
Asked for me again and said they were collecting for some law enforcement association.

Report for 1-8035564185 - 2018-03-27
This place is a scam the lady that answered the phone told me they are not a scam but they got my info and are trying to get someone to call me and I told her I'm not giving my info to somebody I don't know and to send me something in the mail to validate her claims and she hung up on me. I'm going to report them to my attorney general. Please do the same to avoid these creeps.