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770 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Georgia. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Alpharetta, Atlanta, College Park, Douglasville, Duluth, Dunwoody, Forest Park, Gainesville, Griffin, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Mableton, Marietta, Atlanta, Peachtree City, Redan, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Tucker are among the cities served by NPA Code 770

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Report for 1-7701209807 - 2020-07-30
I blocked this number several months ago (or so) ago and this number called my home phone today. I let it go to voicemail, of course. No message! Why would this number call me? I see a lot of complaints here, but I haven't heard of a number that calls multiple times a day, every day. Just seems strange!

Report for 1-7702636800 - 2020-07-10
Got a call from this number. Don't know who it is and they didn't leave a message. I am also on do not call list.

Report for 1-7702636800 - 2020-07-02
"Heather" called about my federal taxes and said I would be arrested if I didnt set up my business. Tried to find out with the police dept if this was a hoax or identity theft.

Report for 1-7701208531 - 2020-06-24
called twice today no message

Report for 1-7708538078 - 2020-06-16
Automated voicemail stating it was urgent that I return the call or my dealer will cancel my warranty. Scam call.

Report for 1-7701471886 - 2020-05-21
I got a call on 3-26-15 at 10:37am, I did not answer my phone... and left a voicemail "from the IRS. There is a claim against me and I have 4 unpaid paychecks that were not made to the IRS." Sounds like a scam to me...I blocked it

Report for 1-7705958261 - 2020-05-20
I have gotten several calls from this number. They didn't leave a message so I called it back, and an automated voice said, "You have reached a phone number that is no longer in service."I've heard this message many times in the last 3 days

Report for 1-7709528450 - 2020-04-20
I got a call from this number tonight - when i answered it, there was no response.

Report for 1-7708538078 - 2020-04-16
Didn't answer but they left a voicemail saying they are calling for a free home security system, but I don't have a home...

Report for 1-7708750525 - 2020-04-15
This number called twice at work with the same recording about "Your bank card was compromised and you are restricted" I have had nothing to do with this and this is a fake number. They also called 3 times at home and left another message with same message. There is no way we can block the number through our phone company since this would require access to our computer. This is a fake number.

Report for 1-7700836144 - 2020-04-15
We have also been receiving this calls from this company, they never leave a message and it comes through as restricted.

Report for 1-7701049030 - 2020-04-11
I have gotten 2 phone calls from this number and the messages say the same thing everyone else posted on here about the same thing. Scammers, calling about a case file.

Report for 1-7708750525 - 2020-04-07
Receive calls from this number at 4 am & 3 pm my time. I don't know how they obtained my number because I am not in the same time zone. Not sure how they know of anyone's times but I would like to know how to block this number.

Report for 1-7702405010 - 2020-03-29
This is the Association of Police Chiefs. Their website is www.mypolicechiefs.net. They are registered to send materials to you. They also have a phone number you can call but I wouldn't even bother.

Report for 1-7704769626 - 2020-03-21
This is a total Scam. Please beware! These people are in a foreign country and they use American names that sound American. This is all B.S. These people are using an app that automatically goes to your machine and deletes the message, in a foreign language, when the message is not read, because the foreign accented person does not understand English well enough to know the name of this particular app. Also they leave the same message on my machine and when you try to return their call, the phone just disconnects you. Do Not fall for this Scam, these people are the worst out of the scam artists out there. I am reporting this as a Scam, DO NOT GET SCAMMED!

Report for 1-7701049030 - 2020-03-19
Another of many numbers that the scammers use to keep you "on the phone".

Report for 1-7701471886 - 2020-03-14
Scam call.

Report for 1-7705958261 - 2020-03-13
Called and left nothing but dead air, repeated twice and hung up. Then blocked.

Report for 1-7705444463 - 2020-03-13
Calling to inform me of a legal matter. That if I did not call back they would make a decision.

Report for 1-7707082709 - 2020-03-02
Someone saying hi u there..

Report for 1-7703085077 - 2020-02-26
same as others.

Report for 1-7702512059 - 2020-02-26
I got the same thing. It is a complete scam and I just want to report it so the authorities can take care of whoever is trying this scam on me. It's been going on for four years and I've never even been to Cali. I had to close out my bank account and open another one. I did the same thing my daughter did a couple of years ago and I did the same thing her mom did a couple of years ago. The only difference is now her bank is a bank I can visit and that's the end of it. I even tried to reach someone in the law-enforcement-system but their phone line is always down. These people need to be punished and they need to be found and arrested!

Report for 1-7709987186 - 2020-02-11
Caller ID was Lake Arrowhead. No message left. It was blocked by the automated service on the CID.

Report for 1-7703633827 - 2020-02-11
I've been getting calls from this number lately, and if I don't know the number, I do not answer. I don't know if it is a scam or not, but I would check it out if it didn't hang up. If not, I'm gonna use the previous comments to report it for harassment purposes.

Report for 1-7701471886 - 2020-02-10

Report for 1-7702636800 - 2020-02-09
got call from this number...call them back and press 2 to be removed from the call list.....and still getting called...why do this???

Report for 1-7701348568 - 2020-02-09
This number called me and said they are my health insurance company. But I have no health insurance so I know it is a scam.

Report for 1-7708514914 - 2020-02-08
I just got a call from them too. They left no message. They keep calling but all I get is music.

Report for 1-7707454513 - 2020-02-07
Received a call from a "Ms Richards" - she called my phone looking for a family member. They wouldn't tell me why she was calling, only that they are a mediation department. They would not tell me who they were. I called back and told them I wanted this family member to give me the information and he told me that he would give me my relatives # and that should I not have it, I could request that they would put it on the # registry. I also told him that the guy who called me was a scammer. I kept going and he got mad. He said that I was being rude and I responded by asking if it was a scam. I then stated that I was going to report them to the authorities and he said that there is nothing he can do. I asked that they give me their address so that I could send them a letter (which I have already sent them) and they hung up. They also had my family members name but they had a different address. I am going to file a complaint with the FTC and my local authorities.

Report for 1-7703286754 - 2020-02-07
This number keeps calling my cell phone. They say they are from Windows and to call them back, etc. I do not answer, but it is annoying

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