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678 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Georgia. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Alpharetta, Atlanta, Candler-McAfee, College Park, College Park, Douglasville, Duluth, Dunwoody, East Point, Forest Park, Gainesville, Griffin, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Mableton, Marietta, Atlanta, Peachtree City, Redan, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, Tucker are among the cities served by NPA Code 678

678 / entries

Report for 1-6782174821 - 2020-07-01
I just heard the same message in the voicemail

Report for 1-6786373764 - 2020-06-27
I just got a call on my cell phone, my wife saw the number, it was from Houston and she had told the man that I didn't know the person and asked not to call again. I called the number back and it had an option for me to be removed or speak to a person. However I called from another phone and it told me I could not remove that number from the database!

Report for 1-6786373764 - 2020-06-18
I just got the same message. I called back and when I told them I was calling to find out who they were and why they said they had "a lawsuit against me, he hung up on me.

Report for 1-6782014206 - 2020-05-28
I just received a call from this number. No more of them now.

Report for 1-6782014206 - 2020-04-30
no message left. They're at it again.

Report for 1-6784878473 - 2020-04-06
Called at 8:14 AM. I didn't answer and they left no message.

Report for 1-6782174821 - 2020-03-19
I received two calls today. It is a male and a female, but they are both very hard to understand, so I decided to Google it

Report for 1-6786373764 - 2020-03-18
They called my cell phone and left a message saying that I am being sued by the IRS. This is a scam. Do not fall for this! Do not give out any information to these people!

Report for 1-6783718459 - 2020-02-19
Call with no message left. I am on the Do Not Call List...

Report for 1-6782010256 - 2020-02-08
Just called me again, I did answer, "hello" but I don't know anyone from that town.

Report for 1-6786515787 - 2020-02-08
called my cell left no message

Report for 1-6789338563 - 2020-02-06
Same experience! Rang once and hung up!!!!!!

Report for 1-6783878937 - 2020-02-06
Called me and hung up. Call blocked

Report for 1-6786373764 - 2020-02-02
Just got a text telling me to add it to y! IM to see what its about, I just deleted it but I was curious, no thank you

Report for 1-6788056502 - 2020-01-30
Just called left no message

Report for 1-6782010256 - 2020-01-23
My phone did not go off when they called and they did not leave a message. The call also came from Delaware. Scam.

Report for 1-6786867120 - 2020-01-18
I got a voice mail from the guy and said the same thing everyone else is saying. I will add this # to my blocked calls list, good riddance!

Report for 1-6784878473 - 2020-01-14
You are wasting your time and energy on these people.

Report for 1-6782174821 - 2020-01-07
Got a call from this number, no message. Called it back from a land line. Answered and said, it's a fundraising center. Sounded like the people who make the robo calls. Said I'd call them back and hung up.

Report for 1-6782014206 - 2019-12-29
This is a recording saying it's about Google business listing. Scammers

Report for 1-6783718459 - 2019-12-09
Call from this number. It's a recording, looking for a female to take a survey, with no way to speak to someone. I hung up after about the 15th time of hearing this recorded voice "Is this a man, a woman, an idiot or a child?" "Is this a boy, a girl, a guy, a girl" etc.,

Report for 1-6787014482 - 2019-12-09
Voice message on my cell from a robot. Claimed that I was being sued by the IRS.

Report for 1-6785986604 - 2019-12-01
Received multiple calls from this number this past week. Called my cell several times but never left a message

Report for 1-6785986604 - 2019-11-29
i answered the phone, and in spanish what are you doing? i have no idea what they said

Report for 1-6788874650 - 2019-11-28
Called at 9:15 am. I didn't answer, and they didn't leave a message. Caller ID indicated the call came from New York.

Report for 1-6783878937 - 2019-11-20
Same robo phone message as others have reported.

Report for 1-6782174821 - 2019-11-03
Called my cell. No message. Blocked.

Report for 1-6782174821 - 2019-10-12
Left a voice mail. They're calling about my expired car warranty.

Report for 1-6788056502 - 2019-07-10
they call me 4 times a day but never any thing on the other end......really annoying.

Report for 1-6784059652 - 2019-05-23
I got a call from them stating I was being sued for some payday loan. And that they called my employment. That they would be here for me between 12-3pm, in the morning for me. That my attorney needed to take me to court. And I would have to fill out a form to prove it. They wanted me to fax my proof. They have been calling me for more then 10 years!!!

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