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512 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Texas. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, San Marcos are among the cities served by NPA Code 512

512 / entries

Report for 1-5124210248 - 2020-01-13
A new phone number for the usual scammers

Report for 1-5129090132 - 2019-10-27
This guy with a very heavy foreign accent wanted to get access to my computer to fix error messages and security problems. Wanted to help me clean up, he said. I started questioning him and he finally hang up!

Report for 1-5124964554 - 2019-09-23
Called but left no message.

Report for 1-5129205234 - 2019-09-12
Received a text message. Has called 3 times this morning.

Report for 1-5122290301 - 2019-09-11
I also live in Washington and just got the same call and the same message...sarcastic guy with an Indian accent trying to sound like a real live lawyer and you can tell it was a recording though. The funny thing about all of this, is that I DO have a student loan which is paid up front, so this guy is probably trying to get some of the money out of me but I don't think he will get much more than what it cost him.

Report for 1-5124210248 - 2019-09-09
Caller ID says Out of Area. There was no message, but the CID read (MAY 29, 2017)

Report for 1-5127161020 - 2019-09-09
A robot left a voicemail saying there were 4 serious allegations against me and said to press 2 to talk to officer.

Report for 1-5127161020 - 2019-07-21
Some woman trying to send info in advance of opening a business. Calls from different numbers each time

Report for 1-5124964554 - 2019-07-13
This number calls atleast 8 times a day. When you answer it it gives you nothing but static. When you let the phone stay where you can hear it, you hear a man say "i have a bad connection" and that is how I know it is a scam call because when I called back the guy on the recording would not tell me what firm they were with. So just beware of these people.

Report for 1-5129090132 - 2019-07-10
This number keeps calling asking for me by my name and when I asked who was speaking they hang up

Report for 1-5129090132 - 2019-06-24
Keeps calling leaves no message. When answered no one speaks, just silence.

Report for 1-5124210248 - 2019-05-26
They call me and said the same to me I have a Law suit and the police are going to be picked me

Report for 1-5129205234 - 2019-05-17
Called, did not leave a message. I called back, received "call cannot be completed as dialed."

Report for 1-5124210248 - 2019-05-01
Trying to sell medicare. Wants to mail me a notice so I can see how the process is done. I'll take paper without a phone call!!!

Report for 1-5124964554 - 2019-04-05
Got a call - left no message.

Report for 1-5129090132 - 2019-03-24
Called from this number saying to call IRS number with case file blah blah. Scam, do not call back.

Report for 1-5122290301 - 2019-02-25
Called my phone looking for an ex-spouse. Tried to tell me they wanted to serve a lawsuit papers in my area and to call another # back. The # they called from is from a company called GDS and this is the number they left to call back. If you look it up, it appears to be a debt relief company. I have no idea what these people do in their spare time.

Report for 1-5129205234 - 2019-02-21
I keep getting calls from this number and when I answer no one is there.

Report for 1-5127161020 - 2019-02-19
IRS Scam

Report for 1-5129205234 - 2019-01-20
Same message as reported above except the phone number was 810-200-0853.

Report for 1-5129090132 - 2019-01-06
Called my cell phone. Left a message "Please hold" when I didn't hang up.

Report for 1-5126597748 - 2018-12-30
I received a call from this number. They called saying they were from the United States Federal Grant Department. Stated that I was eligible to receive $9200 from the government. Wanted me to go to Western Union and make a deposit of $210.00 to the "account". Then ask me to call back and give a "confirmation number". I am very confused so I asked for a phone number that was not the one they had given me to call them back. The number that he gave me was 772-301-1340. He also called me by my last name of Brown. SCAM!!!

Report for 1-5126597748 - 2018-11-04
I called # back from my work phone. "Welcome to Amazon Alexa." I hung up. No amazon account. Scam? Scam suspicion.

Report for 1-5129205234 - 2018-10-15
This is the 2nd scam text I received and I'm afraid it might be the same one from a totally different number.They sent the same document as the above and it's definitely a scam. Do not reply to it.

Report for 1-5124210248 - 2018-08-29
call from the number. no message

Report for 1-5122290301 - 2018-07-23
Called my cell at 8:25am. I live in NY but didn't recognize # so I didn't answer. Didn't leave a message. Must be a scam.

Report for 1-5127161020 - 2018-05-12
I am getting this call at work at 9:20 pm. I am not on any paperwork for anyone of my children.

Report for 1-5129205234 - 2018-05-06
Called my business number saying my business account had been suspended due to a breach and to press 2 to talk to someone.I hit 2 and it hung up. So much for a scammer.

Report for 1-5126597748 - 2018-04-23
Woman with very strong east indian accent called and then some nonsense about paying back money she said I owed. She had the wrong name, wrong home address, wrong birth date and lived in the wrong county. I didn't understand any of it but I hung up on her.I have had calls about my address in the past and I am really upset because my address is on the Do Not Call registry. When I called them back it was a recording that said it was "Angela with Customer Services" and hung up. I'm afraid this is some sort of scam to get someone to believe they own my address and call them back.Someone needs to shut this number down.

Report for 1-5124210248 - 2018-04-23
I received a text from this number saying, "hello jenny, I received a call from your business today. Is that you? I'm calling from the customer service. I don't think so, let me just add your cell # to our call logs..." I don't have any business with these people, but I wanted to say thanks to all of the great people that have posted here about this... I have reported this number from my cell phone, but from what I can see, no action so far...