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510 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: California. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Alameda, Berkeley, Castro Valley, El Cerrito, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Oakland, Richmond, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, San Pablo, Union City are among the cities served by NPA Code 510

510 / entries

Report for 1-5103507010 - 2020-01-13
Got a call from them; said they were from the "financial department" regarding a line of credit. Just hung up when they asked for my SS#...

Report for 1-5104492840 - 2019-12-04
Same call, same person, different name, same reference number and the phone didn't register in my phone....lol

Report for 1-5102609710 - 2019-11-28
I received a call from this number stating there was fraudulent activity with my social security number.

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2019-11-16
I received the same voice mail (as reported by others) about 30 seconds ago. I also received an identical message from another number, and the same call had been reported a few week ago.

Report for 1-5105359617 - 2019-11-12
Same here.

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2019-11-12
Got a call from a "Linda" with the Department of Finacial in my county saying there was a request for paperwork to be delivered. Not sure what they are talking about, but the fax number is in a different state then where I live.

Report for 1-5105359617 - 2019-10-30
Just got a call from this number, caller ID was "out of area" didn't answer, no message left. Also see the call below from a similar "out of area" number:https://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-206-255-3645/4

Report for 1-5109219545 - 2019-10-09
Same here.

Report for 1-5105359617 - 2019-08-30
Called home number. Did not answer. No voice message left.

Report for 1-5104492840 - 2019-07-31
This number called me at 8:58 am but left no message. I don't have voicemail set up

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2019-03-31
Told the man to go f*** himself

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2019-03-14
They have called me over and over from a few different numbers and I know it can't be one and when I pick up they hang up. They are so desperate to get money from someone that isnt on the phone that they do this and will do anything to get it from people that don't have it so you can get to them. So what do you do? They cant call you until your number is removed . It would cost them money to call me and answer but when they call another time and

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2018-12-31
Called again just after 9 a.m. No message left. (I didn't answer, since it's usually unknown callers that don't leave messages.)

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2018-11-24
Got the same call, it was strange and was about the same time frame as others. It is very important to return this call. The person said that they tried to serve me but they did not have any documents with my signature on it, and they had a file in California, and they left out of state numbers. Just another scam...

Report for 1-5103507010 - 2018-11-06

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2018-10-22
Called, didn't leave message

Report for 1-5103507010 - 2018-10-04
Called me a few times in one day without leaving a message,

Report for 1-5109219545 - 2018-08-27
They call but hang up when i answer.

Report for 1-5105359617 - 2018-08-27
Recieved a call from a machine claiming I needed to speak to a person that could speak English fluently and ask about a complaint filed against me.

Report for 1-5109219545 - 2018-08-14
This person is a scammer, he had my social security number and said he is going to prosecute me for taxes. Beware

Report for 1-5102609710 - 2018-06-08
Received three calls from this number yesterday. Blocked all three.

Report for 1-5106868917 - 2018-06-01
Called stating a warrant was issued in my name.

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2018-05-30
This is a land line and it is registered to a Michelle Dacz (or some idiot) from Lake Helen Florida. Its a land line in Florida, and its a company claiming to sell medical technology and medical supplies. There is no way they have my real home number, because I am in Canada.What will happen, if anyone knows how to take care of thier scam, please pass it on. If I ever call again, I will call them back using a Voip line.

Report for 1-5104492840 - 2018-05-30
Left message about being served.

Report for 1-5109219545 - 2018-04-28
Robot call. Threats about criminal activity with my SSN and to press 1 for a representative. This number is not one of my SSN's and not associated with any criminal activity and not a legitimate company. Do not press 1 for the representative and block this number. Please try to identify the caller and post on a public website as a warning.

Report for 1-5105359617 - 2018-04-25
I also received a call from this number. It's a SCAM!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!

Report for 1-5104492840 - 2018-04-24
Called me today... asked me if I had received an email regarding my education? I replied Yes, she thanked me and hung up.

Report for 1-5102347887 - 2018-04-15
I'm a VeriWave customer. They call me from

Report for 1-5109219545 - 2018-04-09
I am being harassed by these people every morning, sometimes at 8am and again at 8:30. What can be done? I am a single mother.

Report for 1-5109219545 - 2018-01-13
They called my parents looking for me regarding civil charges for some payday loan from 2010 that was paid off 15 years ago