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501 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Arkansas. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Benton, Conway, Hot Springs, Jacksonville, North Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood are among the cities served by NPA Code 501

501 / entries

Report for 1-5012552949 - 2020-10-05
I do not want any further calls from 786-224-

Report for 1-5010398062 - 2020-08-05
Called from Pennsylvani

Report for 1-5012552949 - 2020-07-25
Just got that same automated call as well. I don't understand this I called back only to get the hold of someone who couldn't find the phone when I started asking questions. I told her that I was recording this conversation and when i asked her twice what her name was and where she was at she hung up.

Report for 1-5014060501 - 2020-07-09
Caller ID read 1-214. Not answering

Report for 1-5012552949 - 2020-07-01
They are scamming, trying to get your money, I received a call from this same number a month ago.They said some name and said something was going to be filed in my county and they needed me to call 888-404-7703, they would take care of it, when I called them they asked me for my phone number, my address, where I worked and if I wanted to be transferred to someone I was told please do not give out any bank information, then they hung up, and now they just started calling and calling again, same thing I'm calling my cell and home phone company to see how to block these toll free numbers please let me know how, I need to get rid of my cell, cell phone, home phone all together, I'm so upset how they have nothing else to do, if they don't have nothing else to do that they have to scam.

Report for 1-5012552949 - 2020-05-01
Rejected by call blocker because I have the entire 631 area code BLOCKED....I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry....what good is it if they still call. <

Report for 1-5019835644 - 2020-03-27
They called three time today. No message was left.

Report for 1-5010314951 - 2020-03-20
Just received a call from "Officer" Scott. He said I am facing charges under some tax related matter and that I will be "taken into custody" if I do not respond. "We can't help you if you don't cooperate, sir!" I called back the number, after about 15 rings, a voice message saying that it was a number which had been disconnected!!! I was told by "officer" Scott that I owed taxes to the IRS and was about to be arrested. When I started asking him for details, he would immediately hang up.

Report for 1-5019835644 - 2020-03-17
I got this phone and the caller gave me a phone number saying that I am eligible for a grant. When I told him to mail me a check and hung up. There was no answer. The caller didn't leave his name, just his phone number.

Report for 1-5019835644 - 2020-03-14
Robot caller

Report for 1-5010514807 - 2020-02-26
I didn't get the call, but I had a phone number from an unknown company that left a voice message stating I was chosen to receive cash grants... that was funny cause none of that is true!!!! The guy's name was Mark Wright, and he started asking for my debit card #. I said that was odd, and then asked for the company's phone # and he hung up the phone.

Report for 1-5010163291 - 2020-02-15
This number called me at 5:30 pm and left no message. When I tried searching the number I came up with this list of reports: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/searchresults.asp?q=J2K-J2G-L7C-1C-S-1-2-1-1-2-1-90838https://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/1-3012486309

Report for 1-5010217010 - 2020-02-08
I got this call from some woman saying she is calling about the warranty on cars and trucks. She asked for my name and address, but I would not say it to her. She said, "Thank you. Have a nice day." and hung up.

Report for 1-5010488751 - 2020-01-28
Called the landline when I got home. Recorded message says my Microsoft Windows 10 key has been expired and my computer will stop working. No identification given.

Report for 1-5010323293 - 2020-01-26
This caller is a scam! If you call any of their numbers you'll get through right away but only if your are still in the process of purchasing through Verizon. I called verizon's main number to check my account to make sure everything was okay with my account and sure enough there was a charge from another customer. I called Verizon and cancelled my account and they said they're trying to look into this. They said it was a credit card and we should be able to have it refunded within a day so stay cautious.

Report for 1-5019835644 - 2020-01-22
The same thing happened to me but from 858 588 4790. They want to purchase something from Craigslist. What do they think they're going to do? Sell my number to many other crooks? So tired of this all day.

Report for 1-5019835644 - 2020-01-16
got called and message stating that a lawsuit is being lodged, no identification of who they are or where from, I won't be calling back, thanks for the heads up on this site.

Report for 1-5010039184 - 2020-01-03
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-5010039184 - 2019-11-29
Scam! Fake IRS Scam!

Report for 1-5010488751 - 2019-11-24
They call and when I answer they just hang-up!

Report for 1-5010314951 - 2019-10-29
This number just called my sister and left a message for me not sure if its really or not she really doesnt have any debt and dont even know my number but whatever i am not getting calls from this number

Report for 1-5010039184 - 2019-10-19
Keeps calling my landline phone with no message left. Blocked.

Report for 1-5010040801 - 2019-10-17
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-5010040801 - 2019-09-24
I get this call a lot and when I answer they hang up. They are calling my wife's cellphone. She won't pick if from cardinal. She just says to her if is her and they hang up. She's never in there when they call.

Report for 1-5010040801 - 2019-08-10
I just received a call from 866 337 18794. It was a recording stating "your account balances due to be reduced due to a reduction in your interest rates". I dialed the number on our local TV "chicagoland station" and found out about the call and a live person answered. When asked she put me on hold until she checked to see if anyone else had received a call or message from the number. When she checked the ID, we called the phone bank 866-337-18794 We informed them to take us off of their call list. She said they would take care of it. They don't even answer the phone when you call back. These scam artists are a pain in the your a**.

Report for 1-5010217010 - 2019-07-31
I had a text message on July 2, 2018. They are asking for my debit card information to be made available at their website, to apply for a student loan. I don't know of an application/change to my federal student loan, so I am not giving in. I had blocked it the first time, but now again I will be blocking it. The first part of the message didn't have my name, but said "You are requesting student loan forgiveness. Please call 800-275-1717. Call now!" The entire message sounded like a recording to me.

Report for 1-5010244093 - 2019-07-30
No call. No msg left.

Report for 1-5014060501 - 2019-07-26
scam caller, no message.

Report for 1-5010217010 - 2019-07-24
I received this call today at 12:10 pm. the automated voice said " I'm calling for tax purposes I'm an iRS officer I'd like you to contact us regarding an ongoing investigation" If there is a thing I hate worse than telemarketers is people trying get personal information. These calls should be against the law!!

Report for 1-5019835644 - 2019-07-24
Recording in Spanish, I think. Scam.