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480 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Arizona. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Apache Junction, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe are among the cities served by NPA Code 480

480 / entries

Report for 1-4805446578 - 2020-01-20
Called at 9:00am. Did not leave a message. I am already on the Do not call list and these people don't leave messages.

Report for 1-4805658294 - 2020-01-15
I am getting calls from this number every night, also from 888-503-4920 They leave no message. I am on the do not call list but I still keep getting these calls. They need to go away!

Report for 1-4805446578 - 2019-12-27
Called. I did not answer. No message

Report for 1-4805309199 - 2019-12-24
Called, I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4805446578 - 2019-12-15
I got a phone call from this number 2x today. Left only a partial voice mail.

Report for 1-4805969533 - 2019-11-28
It was someone from Global Collections.

Report for 1-4805446578 - 2019-11-14
Received a call from this number yesterday (Saturday) just before noon. Caller ID listed "Out of area" as the name. Did not answer, and no message was left.

Report for 1-4807003695 - 2019-11-09
Called no message

Report for 1-4809027008 - 2019-10-31
Had this number call today from someone asking for her boyfriends wife. We all know this is not his cell phone and she is no longer married, but the woman was extremely pushy with us. Now that her in law just went through this scam, no one gets a

Report for 1-4805969533 - 2019-10-20
Caller did not leave a messsge.

Report for 1-4807003695 - 2019-10-11
Same message just calls from a different number. Scam call.

Report for 1-4805309199 - 2019-10-08
This is a scam. "Hi. May I talk to the head of the household?"

Report for 1-4806920400 - 2019-08-16
This number is calling and harassing me multiple times a day. Some sort of telemarketer.

Report for 1-4805969533 - 2019-06-19
Got a letter on my letter head from "PMS" I also have two letters from "United Cash Loans" with a different phone number on them. Both of them look like scam letters. The letter tells me to call and reference an account number on it! They are not registered in the State of Missouri and the address on the letter is no where on your paper. Do NOT fall for this scam! Please do file reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice,FTC & FCC..http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspxhttp://www.fbi.gov/https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1https://esupport.fcc.gov/ccmsforms/form1088.actionhttp://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/Also read up on the laws and your rights:http://www.ftc.gov/os/statutes/fdcpajump.shtmhttp://www.consumerfinance.gov/askcfpb/search ...http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/pdf-0096-fair

Report for 1-4802946051 - 2019-06-18
This is the second time in two days. They've started to call several times today.

Report for 1-4806920400 - 2019-06-14
I got a call in the evening from this number claiming that they were a mediation firm. They told me to call them back at 888-213-5353 or I would get no help and it could go forward to the courts. I called them back and talked to "Karen Wright" who said that I was being sued and I would be served with papers tomorrow night at 9:00 if I didn't like the outcome and hung up! These people are scam artists

Report for 1-4804649041 - 2019-05-22
These jokers keep on calling and using different number and when I block the number they find another one to call with. They call from different numbers too. This is some kind of scam and no one should answer this as its a business and nobody wants to be bothered with the nonsense.

Report for 1-4806920400 - 2019-05-22
Got called from this number on my cell. I don't answer calls that are unknown to me so I don't know who it was. Have been getting lots of unknown calls from different numbers, so I will now block this number on my cell, which is why I reported this number.

Report for 1-4804649041 - 2019-05-20
Another call with no message left as usual.

Report for 1-4802100329 - 2019-05-11
Caller said he was collecting money for police. I said not to call again & he hung up.

Report for 1-4806920400 - 2019-03-27
Just got the call on my cell - don't know how their calling since I'm on the do not call list! Thanks for the info.

Report for 1-4806920400 - 2019-03-25
This number also came up with no identification. It started to ring only once, and then I immediately hit the mute button. I don't think the call was for me, since I also don't enter long distance calling contests for my company.

Report for 1-4802946051 - 2019-03-19
Same here. I got called 10 minutes ago. A woman's voice says "This is an important message...your credit card has been frozen...". I hung up at that point. I'm blocking the number.

Report for 1-4804649041 - 2019-02-21
Got calls from 888-316-0929 everyday, I never pick up, as I don't do business with any of these people, I don't even have them and don't care who they are. They never leave a voicemail or say anything.

Report for 1-4805658294 - 2019-02-14
Called my cell this morning. I have no idea who it is, they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-4807003695 - 2019-02-06
Left message that I needed to call the number back and I would be billed$599 if I didn't. I do not have a Mac or any apple devices at this time. SCAM!!!!!!

Report for 1-4807003695 - 2019-02-03
This is a debt collection agency. They will try to make you believe that they are legitimate in order to scare you into submission. The only way to avoid them is to make the calls stop and report them at www.ftc.gov

Report for 1-4806920400 - 2019-01-11
I received a call from this number 3 times this morning. I never answered and the caller did not leave any message. I am also on the Do Not Call list. This is extremely annoying. When I get calls like these, my advise is just to report it and then block the number.

Report for 1-4805658294 - 2018-12-13
I got the same as above. Telling me that papers where about to be filed at court.

Report for 1-4807003695 - 2018-12-02
My wife got a call from "Rhoda" today stating they have been trying to serve me for a loan I made but the loan was taken out in 2013. I asked for documentation and was given some bogus paperwork that says I still owe $1076 and will go to court for $8,650. They gave me a "case number" and said to call 888-203-7111 and use code P1006 to talk with some guy named "Jeffery" to talk about my civil suit. When I did call this number it went directly to voicemail and no answer. I tried calling the number back and they answered "this is some one who doesn't have access to my file. All I need is your info and I will get this settle. "