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409 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Texas. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Beaumont, Galveston, Port Arthur, Texas City are among the cities served by NPA Code 409

409 / entries

Report for 1-4092204036 - 2020-04-23
A woman from this number called left message saying her name was Jennifer and this was a legal matter I needed to address she was very short on what company name and I need to call before 2:00.

Report for 1-4093566934 - 2020-02-14
Got a call from this number and they said they were from Waucoma? and that they were going to send me some kind of trial information for some kind of prescription. The call back number was: (866) 712-4390. I called it back but it was always busy. Don't know if this is a scam of some sort but if someone has found out that I'm on the Do Not Call List and that they're making these calls, I will report them to the FTC.

Report for 1-4092204036 - 2020-02-08
Received an automated call saying something about a law suit against my name and social

Report for 1-4092040625 - 2020-01-20
Rec'd call from this # at 6:52pm - caller ID: Spam? Norfolk, VA. - no msg left.

Report for 1-4092204036 - 2019-12-03
Just got a call from this number a few minutes ago. A man with an accent said something about a government grant, I kept him on the phone for a couple of minutes explaining that I am not interested.

Report for 1-4092918588 - 2019-11-19
Some guy called me by my maiden name and said "I need to verify your address okay" I hung up. Called back and went to a voice mail message with the name Lila, who is a scam artist and said that legal documents were sent to them from my local county clerk. They needed my address to mail these documents to my previous address that I have not lived at for

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2019-11-07
They have called every day for several days. Left a voicemail yesterday, stating they are calling about my medical braces, but I am not a senior.

Report for 1-4092918588 - 2019-11-05
These scumbags call every morning and wake us up!!! I didn't ever answer the phone until a few days ago but even then no one was there. How am I supposed to complain when they get no answer.

Report for 1-4092917003 - 2019-09-15
I just got a call from this number telling me i had 3 lawsuits against me and to call them back to discuss the matter and when i called back the guy told me he wanted to speak to my husband but told me he was with a company and i told him that wasnt his address and was this legit? He told me not to call back. I looked up the number and i see a lot of problems with this number. Anybody else know what i should do?

Report for 1-4093566934 - 2019-09-03
I keep getting this call from a "unknown" no, no message left, now its "this is an important business matter" no, no message left.

Report for 1-4093566934 - 2019-08-16
No message

Report for 1-4092917003 - 2019-07-16
They called me a few minutes ago. I didn't answer they left no message. I blocked them now.

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2019-07-14
Automated message from Susan at account services, about not having a good

Report for 1-4092040625 - 2019-05-31
I just talked to a guy claiming to be "Steven" that sounded like a robot and he was "calling about your federal student loans" (which is not true) and that he had to "verify" my SSN (which he called it). I told him I would call back in 7-10 business days to give them a call- but if they call me again I am contacting the FTC and the AG of Massachusetts. I am glad that we all have this site to document these scams.

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2019-04-12
I got the same message from them today, too. Called at 4:28pm. I don't have a balance with anyone

Report for 1-4092918588 - 2019-03-19
I keep receiving calls from this # several times a day. No message ever left.

Report for 1-4092204036 - 2019-03-11
Called multiple times and I never get an answer. Call back and just beep and then disconnect -

Report for 1-4092918588 - 2019-02-14
I keep getting a call from this number but can't get rid of them. You can't call it back though. It won't even ring. It just hangs up on me. How can I get rid

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2019-01-04
I got a call from this number saying I owe money to them, when I asked for the name of the loan company they replied they could not tell me. And said that I would go to jail if I didnt pay up. I told them do not call this number again, that I will call the authorities and they kept passing the phone to one of her associates so I hung up on her. I have never taken out a loan.

Report for 1-4092204036 - 2018-10-15
Received this call. No message.

Report for 1-4092917003 - 2018-07-11
Just got the call also saying there was fraudulent activity with my Social Security number. SCAM!

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2018-06-26
Received several calls from this number about my ssn being suspended. I blocked my number and called back. Number is no in service.

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2018-05-18
Received a call from "Karen Anderson", caller ID "Unknown," stating that a case has been filed against me by the Internal Revenue Service, and that I had to call back.

Report for 1-4092917003 - 2018-03-25
They just called my house for the first time in two weeks of calling on a Sunday at 8 pm. I don't have any bills so it's a scam. Please be careful. They also called for the man who had my # in the past.

Report for 1-4092918588 - 2018-03-23
These people always call me on Sunday mornings. They call at least 3 times a day!

Report for 1-4092917003 - 2018-02-27
I just got a call as well saying the same thing lol so I looked up the area code and found out it's a Florida area code lol. This is just sick. They are

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2018-01-31
Auto warranty scam. This was your last chance to buy extended warranty on my car. I've asked many times to not be contacted, but they continue to call. This number called and left a recorded message.

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2017-10-27
Same for you, no one there. Now blocked

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2017-10-25
Called me too. I have absolutely no debt to any debt collectors. These people called my mother's house looking for me and refused to give any information regarding my supposed debt. They said they were trying to get a hold of me and that it was very important for me to call them back today. When my mother called the supposed 855-217-0418 back to confront them about this illegal activity (as per the FDCPA), the man who answered the call was extremely rude and threatening in tone. He was unable to give any information regarding the so-called debt and threatened to hang up on her if she would not "cooperate".

Report for 1-4097943500 - 2017-10-08
keep getting this same number calls me every night and I answered once and they hung up on me. I was trying to call them back to tell them you know who I am and to stop trying to scam me