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325 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Texas. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Abilene, San Angelo are among the cities served by NPA Code 325

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Report for 1-3254803842 - 2020-10-31
They texted me the same thing about needing money for PayPal fraud. They said I had a fraud. I deleted the text and then blocked them.

Report for 1-3258935841 - 2020-10-31
This number called me at work. I didn't answer. However...I did go ahead and blocked this number. If it calls again and does not leave a message, I've blocked it.

Report for 1-3255503983 - 2020-03-23
The number they give to call back is 866-217-6807 and to reference # 0707. The spelling and grammatical errors are all in the spots. It should be a scam that actually has the best interests of the American people at heart.

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2020-01-30
"You are the lucky winner." LOL

Report for 1-3255503983 - 2020-01-16
Calls at least two times a day. I am a recent beneficiary of the Social Security Administration so I don't know if they are still doing this, but it has to stop. Especially since I am on the do not call list and they still keep calling.

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2020-01-10
These scumbags call about 20 times a day....all hours. I'm on the do not call list and haven't been for weeks. Who is this stupid company and why won't they leave me alone.

Report for 1-3258935841 - 2020-01-06
Have had 3 calls this morning from this number. Saying I am being sued. I think they are not from a country, but just trying to scare innocent people into sending them money. I had a payday loan through a company back in 2012 and they tried to scam me as well

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2019-12-09
I blocked it as soon as it came through because of this site. It's getting on my nerves and there are several other numbers that are calling constantly and not leaving a message

Report for 1-3255503983 - 2019-10-30
Did any of you go the conference call they said they need you to call me today about a conference call. I did

Report for 1-3258935841 - 2019-10-17
Same here.

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2019-08-15
This number is calling every 30 minutes! Never left a message but says West Palm Bea.

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2019-04-16
Same happened to me this morning! How did you find out what it was?

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2019-04-11
Called my cell. I did not answer and they left no VM. I never answer calls from numbers I don't know.

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2018-11-29
We just had two calls from this number today. A hang up. No message left. We are on the National Do Not Call list. What good is it if we can't be taken to the cleaners for having to go through the bothersome process of reporting all these unwanted calls?

Report for 1-3258935841 - 2018-10-11
Robocall with a recording saying that my social security number or other information will be suspended due to "affidavits against me" if I don't call back.

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2018-09-15
they keep calling and ask for my mother, they have to block there number

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2018-07-18
Calls at least 3-4X a day, no answer!!!

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2018-06-27
1. I just got a call from 719-334-9772 as well. A woman said "Thank you for calling. Our records show that you were searching for financing for business". I did not say anything to her and hung up.

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2018-02-04
Called at 9:16. Left voicemail but no words.

Report for 1-3254803842 - 2017-10-07
Robotic voicemail saying I had 4 serious allegations against my social security number and that I'd be arrested within 24hrs.. I called back and spoke to one of the reps.. I told him I'm reporting this number and to stop calling or I will have the police at their

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2017-09-02
Caller ID says "unknown name". Left no message.

Report for 1-3255503983 - 2017-08-25
This was some scammer, asking for money for Police Officers. I told him to [***] himself and hung up.

Report for 1-3255503983 - 2017-06-24
I received the same call in the afternoon yesterday May 24 (2018). It was a man, with a very heavy accent. Said his name was Jack Taylor he said I was receiving money from the federal government. I could tell it was a scam when he said, "Do you have a smart phone". He then hung up on me.

Report for 1-3252679012 - 2017-05-14
Called my cellphone. I answered - but no one was there. Must have been fun getting them spam. I am on the Do Not Call list also. Very useful indeed!