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315 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: New York. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Auburn, Rome, Syracuse, Utica, Watertown are among the cities served by NPA Code 315

315 / entries

Report for 1-3155631568 - 2020-07-30
Scammer claiming to send

Report for 1-3152888659 - 2020-07-20
Got two of the same robo calls. They used the term "IRS" in the message and the guy on the phone identified himself as Steve Wright. I hung-up after that. I will be filing a complaint with the IRS.

Report for 1-3154136579 - 2020-06-12
Called here around 1pm. No message left.

Report for 1-3154136579 - 2020-05-29
called my cell. left no message

Report for 1-3155382630 - 2020-05-27
Same thing. Threatened to have the police come to my house to arrest me

Report for 1-3154485308 - 2020-04-28
they call me and don't leave a message? So I call back and it is just a fax?

Report for 1-3154703044 - 2020-03-26
I have been answering the call and no one is there. Just dead air. I blocked the number.

Report for 1-3154788756 - 2020-03-25
Left a VM stating I have 24 hours. To call regarding some complaint that was filed against me. The call had a computer voice. I think this is a scam.

Report for 1-3156366093 - 2020-03-23
Called at 8pm. Didn't know the number. No message.

Report for 1-3155631568 - 2020-03-21
They call 4 - 5 times a day saying that my application for cash advance has been approved. The only one that they ask for is my social security number when they tell me that they need that information right away. I told them never put my social security number on the internet. He became very rude and kept hanging up on me. I am really worried about the people that do this sort of thing.

Report for 1-3154485308 - 2020-03-21
I just received a call from them, I'm from Wisconsin too...

Report for 1-3154703044 - 2020-02-09
Same as above. I was at work and received an email saying I had an unsecured loan that needed to be paid back immediately and that she was taking legal action for unpaid taxes and that I should receive a legal affidavit in the mail in 2 weeks.

Report for 1-3152150301 - 2020-02-09
calls me and tells me how they are calling for some student loan then they ask me what my name is and then hang up on me

Report for 1-3159442444 - 2020-02-07
I just got this call and called back. I listened to the recording and it gives you an option to be taken off of their call list if you press 1.

Report for 1-3153456603 - 2020-01-26
Just received a call from this number and a man asked for the person who handles our "electronic health records" and said he is from the national provider network and needs to speak with the person who handles our "electronic health records". I asked him what he wanted before I transferred the call to his voicemail and he just said "I just wanted to speak with the person who is going to be handling our electronic health records." I asked what the call was regarding and he said it was to "confirm that the person who will be handling your electronic health records will be on the phone". Then he hung up.

Report for 1-3155631568 - 2020-01-03
I answered and it was a recording. I pushed and got a person and they said they would not call me again. I am contacting the AG in TX.

Report for 1-3157153006 - 2019-12-29
Got a call from this# at 11:17am. No msg and I didnt answer cause

Report for 1-3156366093 - 2019-12-13
Another scam from a telemarketer using a fake number.

Report for 1-3153456603 - 2019-12-09
Same here got a call from 310-362-7183. A guy's voice says, "This is Michael from Cripple Creek Hospital. Can I speak to the business owner?". I hung up. I think that Cripple Creek got hacked.

Report for 1-3152328406 - 2019-12-02
I've been getting voicemails from this number. They have the name of the person they're trying to contact. However they never mention a company or anything else. It's quite odd for sure.

Report for 1-3152150301 - 2019-12-01
Got a call and they claimed to be a debt agency but when I asked what this was regarding they started asking questions then hung up without giving any information.

Report for 1-3152859925 - 2019-11-27
I just got my "final" message from these people. It is a scam; DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION! They have been calling me for over 4 years!!! I don't know of how they got my number and if it is some kind of law enforcement thing, what the heck...It's a bunch of crap. I haven't had a mortgage in 5 years. I do not have a vehicle because that was paid off 4 years ago and they are still calling me. I have even attempted putting them on hold to try and get my personal information and if I can get the last 4 of my social I will sue them! This has been for $700 or more I owe! The last couple of days I have been getting calls from other "loan" companies like CashNetUSA and CashNow and they are also trying to scam people into giving them money!

Report for 1-3152859925 - 2019-11-19
Received call from 415-234-0381. Said I was given a grant in the amount of $9,000.00 and asked to give them my bank account number, expiration and pin code. I didn't give the info. They then asked for my zip code to deposit money into the account and I gave them everything but my pin number. I then asked for my account info to be sent to my bank account in order to withdraw the funds from the money order and the lady on the phone said that they would have to call back in 10 minutes and that her boss was not around so she can wait.

Report for 1-3154788756 - 2019-11-17
They claimed to be Social Security Administration and they need to be sure they are talking to the right person. They wanted my name, when I said I refuse to provide that out of my knowledge it's a scam, he yelled saying he will be calling me every day till I give my name and SSN. At that point I hung up

Report for 1-3154485308 - 2019-11-01
I just got this call but didn't answer it. Left a message but did not have the first half of the message. What I did understand was to call back and if I was not guilty call "officer John" (yeah I'll bet "John" like John the donkey or maybe John, but there is a difference) and if I was guilty I needed to call the "investigation office" with a report on my name, last four of my social security number, and last two numbers of my bank debit card because it was "time sensitive." I've been looking for a job and a job with my family so I was very tempted to call it back. So I did call back. Not knowing who I'm calling, a man answered, "Hello." So I asked his name. He said "Jack Watson" or something like that. He went on to "investigator" on top of my voice. I said, "Jack!" He said he was a "special investigator." I said, "oh, what is this about?" Then I was hung up on. There were no issues with the IRS before, so I knew it wasn't a scam.

Report for 1-3155631568 - 2019-10-31
Had same exact thing as well. Did not return call, but googled and found this forum. It's a total scam.

Report for 1-3154485308 - 2019-10-23
Repeatedly calls, but leaves no messages. Blocked. Now will consider calls to stop once they get a voice mail from me.

Report for 1-3152200851 - 2019-10-18
they called today. I didn't answer. They left no number

Report for 1-3154703044 - 2019-09-16
I called this number and they asked me to verify the last 4 digits of someone else's social security number. I declined and asked them to remove my number from their database. She

Report for 1-3155631568 - 2019-09-09
Did not leave message

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