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308 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Nebraska. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Grand Island, Kearney, North Platte are among the cities served by NPA Code 308

308 / entries

Report for 1-3080005000 - 2020-07-10
Recording stating the call is from Social Security Administration

Report for 1-3080005000 - 2020-02-01
I got this same message. I'm not a fraud nor did I get sued by the IRS.

Report for 1-3080005000 - 2019-11-21
they're calling and hanging up on me....I don't want to be harassed by another telemarkter

Report for 1-3086331576 - 2019-11-08
I have recieved several of their calls in the last 2 days, I think they are a collection agency. I have told them we are on the do not call list and to remove our name or we will be pressing charges against them, we will sue these people or we will seek a lawsuit against them. Nothing helps, they still call. I do not know who they are. We are also on the national do not call list but it do not do any good.

Report for 1-3086331576 - 2019-11-05
Recording saying something about a security deposit... I don't have a bank account, so I don't know what this could be about...

Report for 1-3088883026 - 2019-08-16
Got a call from this number, but they did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2019-08-01
Unidentified call to cell phone on Feb 26. Left no message. When call was attempted a second time, I used my phone's caller-ID feature to block this number because I know no one in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2019-05-25
Did not pick up. Didn't leave message

Report for 1-3086331576 - 2019-05-18
This woman kept saying her name is Sarah and saying that I have a refund waiting for me. She said I could either send it in the form of a money gram or money order which I am really not going to do. It started out as a refund because the computer on the phone froze up and I had no idea what she was talking about. She has called about 6 times today and it is driving me crazy. If anyone can help with a resolution of this annoying caller please do

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2019-05-17
This call was for a business listing service and they asked for my website and then said that was a free service that would cost me for the listing. If you have an active site and a paying web site, you can only make a small business money that way. It is always best to do a keyword research.

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2019-05-06
It's a scam. They will ask for your bank card number & take a western union to get 200 dollars to receive 7000 in grant money from the federal government. They will give you a phone # to call for account info & say they are giving the money to you FREE. It's a scam. This person called me with a very foreign accent.

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2019-03-24
They left a vm for my mom about the cops coming to arrest her on

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2019-03-22
No message. I don't know anyone in Waco, and the caller ID didn't identify the caller

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2019-03-05
Just got the same message.

Report for 1-3086331576 - 2019-02-01
This number calls repeatedly at different times of the day

Report for 1-3080005000 - 2018-10-29
A guy named Jason told me he was a detective. Very rude when I told him I worked for a lawyer. He said he was only a probation officer. A total scam!

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2018-10-27
This number kept on calling but don't let it ring no way

Report for 1-3088883026 - 2018-10-25
Calls at 8:30 in the am then again at 8:45 at night, at least once a day.

Report for 1-3086331576 - 2018-09-17
Called but hung up when I answered.

Report for 1-3088883026 - 2018-09-11
They were able to get some of my information but they said I had the same complaint against me. He wouldn't give me my name or phone number. He said if I didn't call him for that information then the local authorities would come and arrest me.

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2018-08-21
Did not answer and no message

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2018-07-01
I got a call today from this number with a message from some legal company looking for a relative. I don't think I need to explain when you are calling a relative. If you don't call back, maybe you may want to get a life. This type of call is illegal in every state but they lie nonetheless.

Report for 1-3080005000 - 2018-06-07
Didn't answer, no message

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2018-05-03
I got the same text and it said from Target in Utah I text back I have no idea who you are and I'm not calling you back and no one responded to me I'm gonna block your number...

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2018-04-09

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2018-04-04
It's a debt collector. I got a call from this number yesterday, which they gave the same line about I owed a payday loan and if I didn't pay they would issue a warrent for my arrest.

Report for 1-3086331576 - 2018-03-15
Called. no message left. CID=No Name

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2018-03-14
Calls several times a day and never leaves a message.

Report for 1-3085378771 - 2018-02-26
This number keeps calling my work & cell phone. I've been called 7 times in the last two days, so I decided to see if it was an emergency or something else - I just don't have time for it! I don't know anyone in Wisconsin with this # & I don't owe anyone any money - so I blocked it!

Report for 1-3086987000 - 2017-12-20
Just got the message - same as above. SCAM caller.