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262 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Wisconsin. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Brookfield, Caledonia, Kenosha, Menomonee Falls, Mequon, Muskego, New Berlin, Racine, Waukesha, West Bend are among the cities served by NPA Code 262

262 / entries

Report for 1-2625979960 - 2020-06-17
Re: 855-203-7142 CID: 800 Service (I've seen in the past by looking up the number)If this were a true collection call, the call would not occur in the first place, since they would already HAVE ALL YOUR information. You, however, would have a claim and a right to know all about a supposed claim, which, since they are debt collectors, would also be in the public record. You need to be very careful with the information you give.

Report for 1-2625109897 - 2020-05-23
My phone number is private and I am pretty sure the donot call list doesn't mean anything to them.

Report for 1-2622934080 - 2020-04-17
Scam call from IRS...don't waste your breath...DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY INFORMATION!!!!

Report for 1-2625699995 - 2020-03-29
Says it's an unknown call. I did not answer, so I blocked it. Scams all day.

Report for 1-2622934080 - 2020-02-17
They call, leave no message, and when I called the number back to tell them to quit calling me, no answer!!! This has been happening for many weeks.

Report for 1-2622220371 - 2020-02-17
Called my cell phone 5 times today! I am on the no call list as well. The do not call list does not help.

Report for 1-2622334990 - 2020-02-07
I got a call from them saying I was approved for a loan, they knew my name. He said to send 240 for insurance when I told him I'm out of money he got mad and said "ok, I'll have the FBI at your door tomorrow with a search warrant. He threatened to come to my house to pick me up for bank fraud and to have me tried for my mother in Law.

Report for 1-2626914716 - 2020-02-05
Received a call from this number but I didn't answer. they left a voice message regarding my "computer issue and they wanted to help" and if I knew someone that could help me. Sounds all wrong to me. I was told to call back when I have the chance.

Report for 1-2629284900 - 2020-01-28
Called and started speaking Spanish but wouldn't talk to me in English. Very creepy.

Report for 1-2626914716 - 2020-01-03
Did not leave a message....blocked!!!

Report for 1-2623114752 - 2019-11-21
Called my cell, left

Report for 1-2622220371 - 2019-11-20
Called me 5 times between last week and today. I never answer

Report for 1-2622755050 - 2019-11-18
Receive 2-4 calls per day. Leaves voice mail for "Julie with Reward Redemption".

Report for 1-2629284900 - 2019-11-13
Left msg. for a Nancy Williams regarding a "formal complaint filed" with the "office", said they would serve papers to me at my residence or place of work, etc. If "nancy" does not respond, then they will "defend" the complaint...etc. The same voice has left the same message for another group (not me) and another similar message. No idea if this is a scam, but I don't respond to robocall messages from unknown callers who don't leave anything other than their number. Just for information, I'm not going to call a number that cuts off in midstream. If they want to actually find me, why are they going through the backgound of a home number that I am a few city steps from.

Report for 1-2623114752 - 2019-11-07
This number has called me 6 times in 3 days. The first 3 calls did not answer. When I answered the next 3 times answered and no one was there. I finally called back and this time the answering machine states their mailbox is also full and to leave a message.I am on the do not call registry list so I should not have to contact the authorities on this.

Report for 1-2625020313 - 2019-11-04
They said a warrant has been issued by the irs against me for a tax crime and this was my final warning that I would be taken into custody if I didn't call back in 24 hours. My final warning is that they would get the police involved! I'm so scared! Please don't be fooled!

Report for 1-2622334990 - 2019-11-01
Same as above. I reported them also.

Report for 1-2625020313 - 2019-10-26
i have been getting calls from this number, just silence on the phones.

Report for 1-2622220371 - 2019-10-16
Call was auto blocked as a robo caller. CID: Columbus, Ohio. Other websites say spoofed number (no doubt they bought a blocked number from another robo caller scammer). Another useless scumbag is blocked.

Report for 1-2622334990 - 2019-10-13
Called. Did not recognize and no message left (not that I will return their call).

Report for 1-2622222820 - 2019-09-28
I got the same message with a different caller name, and reference number. Definitely a scam as the person calling was not human. Just some automated voice.

Report for 1-2629282396 - 2019-09-19
Just received a call on my cell phone from this number. I said hello, then it disconnected.

Report for 1-2622222820 - 2019-09-15
Scam! Don't apply for loans on the internet! Don't have any loans that I know of!

Report for 1-2622222820 - 2019-09-15
Called me, no name on caller ID, I didn't answer. I have a feeling the number will be blocked.

Report for 1-2626036423 - 2019-09-09
Called but left no message.

Report for 1-2622334990 - 2019-08-28
I got a voicemail, it had an automated voice saying it was the IRS saying I was going to be sued unless I followed their instructions. I called back only for them to tell me to get a lawyer, I said to them how did you get this number to begin with & then they hung up. I called back again they blocked my number. Scam artist. The number is now blocked.

Report for 1-2625699995 - 2019-08-05
This number is for Capital One, not for anything else

Report for 1-2629282396 - 2019-08-05
They call several times a day every day. I never answer and they never leave a message. I don't know what kind of scam they are running but I don't want to answer after reading these other posts. They need to be reported and stopped.

Report for 1-2629282396 - 2019-07-13
Got a call, I called the number back, the Apple store is closed. Scam.

Report for 1-2623685740 - 2019-07-13
It is the second time I have received such a call. I have an older Panasonic cordless phones and don't even have a caller ID. These people keep harrassing my elderly mother and when I get her message on the answering machine, she just hangs up on them. When I attempt to call it back, it only says "This caller does not accept calls from blocked numbers." Very annoying indeed! I am very tempted to buy a machine that I have hook up to my phone. Once they can get a hold of your number, they leave it forwarding if they get no response. In the meantime, I may have to find a way to eliminate these annoying phone calls.

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