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229 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Georgia. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Albany, Valdosta are among the cities served by NPA Code 229

229 / entries

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2020-03-26
Keeps calls about court documents from 2012

Report for 1-2290931000 - 2020-02-04
I got the same call today, I did not return the call.

Report for 1-2290931000 - 2019-12-30
They called my house about six times today. When I answered they hung up.. I tried to block their number but I can't do it and they keep calling my house. I wish someone could stop these people...

Report for 1-2295182663 - 2019-12-25
I too have had the same issue. I have called my bank and had my card cancelled. If anyone knows how i can dispute this i would appreciate the info.

Report for 1-2290931000 - 2019-12-11
Calls from this number everyday for weeks. Never leaves a message. No idea how to stop them

Report for 1-2298861688 - 2019-12-09

Report for 1-2293529654 - 2019-12-02
Called my cell phone. Called at 4:30 pm central time. Left no message

Report for 1-2293529654 - 2019-10-03
Rang but did not leave message.

Report for 1-2292995900 - 2019-09-29
I received a call that said "live 1" on the caller ID. No message left, but just the number is different each time.

Report for 1-2299343501 - 2019-09-22
Tried to call it back and it went straight to a music recording. Blocked.

Report for 1-2299343501 - 2019-09-18
Call me as well stating that I have a criminal lawsuit and

Report for 1-2298861688 - 2019-08-06

Report for 1-2292995900 - 2019-08-03
CALLER ID shows: ATLANTA GA 404-919-6180. They just called my mobile number. Not sure who they are.....

Report for 1-2293529654 - 2019-07-04
Called again just a recording with a lady and in English with another recording in Mandarin.

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2019-06-12
Same message.

Report for 1-2299343501 - 2019-06-02
Left msg to call back about student debt with a reference number

Report for 1-2292995900 - 2019-05-27
Called left no message

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2019-05-24
I just got the same message and wanted to post it about that mess. I've had similar messsges before so I'm not surprised. I just called the number back and gave a phony name and address and they hung up.

Report for 1-2294238484 - 2019-04-24
Same call. The number said it was calling from the federal government which is a very weird situation because we don't just receive checks when we file a tax return. If it was real, it should tell us which federal government and we can call them back and ask about which government. I think it might be some sort of scam.

Report for 1-2299343501 - 2019-04-21
Called my landline. Left no message. BLOCKED!

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2019-04-10
called a number of times..left no message. did not call back to see. called number back..it was a disconnected number!

Report for 1-2295182663 - 2019-04-02
No message. Blocked it

Report for 1-2298861688 - 2019-03-24
No message left. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-2299343501 - 2019-03-15
Called stating they worked with Google to install a new ad service. When I stated we were not interested and to please not be bothered he became nasty. He would not give up and he kept hanging up. Do not respond to this scammer!!!!

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2019-03-03
This number called the landline this morning. CID was one word which means that it is spoofed. Left no message, and I checked the web site here.

Report for 1-2292995900 - 2019-03-03
Recd a call tonight but didn't answer it. Glad I looked it up

Report for 1-2298861688 - 2019-02-13
same as above, total scam, I get these calls all day and every day.

Report for 1-2292995900 - 2019-01-17
Same thing here, called 4-4-19 at 11:40am. Recorded message stating they had a "very important message for "my name". Then hung up

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2019-01-11
Robocaller, robo voice: "This issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. We would request you to get in touch with our office as soon as possible or we will take "criminal legal actions against you" to discuss this case file and any other "matter at hand". This is the last attempt".

Report for 1-2294000070 - 2018-12-13
Received multiple calls over the past several days from this number. First time there was a call from 202-657-5352 (who according to google is associated with an animal hospital in Washington, DC). I answered the call and told them they had the wrong number and I want you to remove me from their call lists. Caller asked me "How much money do you want from me?". I told them I did not want your money. Caller then said they would call me in an hour to "make sure we have the right number". I then told them if they call me one more time I will contact the FCC and that I would take legal action against their company and the people behind it. He then said go ahead and take me to court. I told him I wanted to see if it was a scam and he stated "No, just the strangest call we've ever had!!!!!" I hung up on him. He called back and said, "Are you kidding?! I am being recorded by the FCC and a complaint would be made!" I said do what you have to do....and blocked his number!!