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217 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Illinois. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Champaign, Charleston, Danville, Decatur, Quincy, Springfield, Urbana are among the cities served by NPA Code 217

217 / entries

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-12-02
I receive a call every day from them, I answer and just silence they then hang up. I am really getting fed up with them.

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-11-25
Just called about warranty expiration on jerry clark vehicle that i just got. Just another way to try to scam me. He

Report for 1-2176251712 - 2019-11-17
They call constantly never leave a message and leave no name either

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-11-03
Received a call from 208-813-2836, didn't answer it, did not leave message, caller now blocked!

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2019-10-28
I received a call with a recording about my Social Security, that the government wanted to file legal action against me.....They keep calling and they keep calling back

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2019-10-28
This is a scam to obtain a yes answer. Do not give them any information.

Report for 1-2176661769 - 2019-10-05
Just recieved a call on my cell phone from this number. The called did not leave a message. I will tell them I will go to the police station and file a report if they call me

Report for 1-2172104022 - 2019-08-19
Calls but leaves no message

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-08-15
Recieved a call from this phone number today - caller identified themselves as "Steve" and said they were calling about computer technical support for their company. Told him I do not have a Computer. He got rude and said "I need to talk to the person who bought one of these computers." I asked who I needed to talk to so I could "talk to the person who sold one of these computers" and he got a little angry with me and hung up. Very shady....I would not trust this number.

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2019-07-29
It is a SCAM. I reported that number to the police and to the FBI as well as to the Federal Legislative Department.

Report for 1-2176661919 - 2019-07-23
Called, didn't answer. I've blocked the #, they continue to call anyways. They called around 7:30pm last night.

Report for 1-2176661769 - 2019-06-13
I had same exact call. I called back several times got no answer or vm just loud and busy signal so I blocked caller

Report for 1-2175283798 - 2019-06-07
Got the call, no message. I'm not familiar with Missouri, so figured it was a telemarketer or something like that. No message left.

Report for 1-2176668101 - 2019-05-24
The call came on Friday and I was busy at work and missed the call. There was a voice mail stating that they were calling me about a personal matter. When I tried calling the number back I get a recording that the number is no longer an active number. The next time I called the number from the call back recording that I saw from the phone and got a very nasty and condescending woman. She kept hanging up on me when I asked questions like the name of her company and what the name of the company was. I finally got a name out of her but I don't know if I will hear back from them.

Report for 1-2175283798 - 2019-05-18
Received a call to my land line on 3/3/2015 at 11:55 at night in Oklahoma, but I ignored. I did not bother to even answer it, seeing as my Caller ID only showed "Toll-Free Call". They left no message, of course.

Report for 1-2176661769 - 2019-03-20
I did not get the first call, but it is a number used on American Financial appeals. I did file an appeal in Oct, 2010. I would love to know who sold my name to the appeal. I believe they sold it to this company. Does anyone know the name of this company?

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-03-19
I picked up the phone on the 3rd ring and it was an automated recording telling me I was looking for a company whose services could help me with an auto insurance claim. I thought maybe it was related to a service I had taken care of recently so I listened to the offer to get more info about the company. It is not related to a service so I hung up.

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2019-03-07
Got a call from the number today and answered. The first time I said "hello" and was hung-up on as the woman was talking to others. In the time that

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-03-03
They said they were from an attorney's office, but I couldn't understand the name of whom she said her name was.

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2019-02-28
I received a call from a Mark Taylor said he was with law enforcement and he had 2 charges and will be serving papers at home or job. He said to call the legal department at 1-888-205-5671 with the charges. I called the legal department and they asked me for the case number on the charges to find out the company he was working for. They said that he was working for some one who does collect a debt and wanted me to pay $600. I have no idea who this is????

Report for 1-2170840201 - 2019-02-23
called at 2:04pm, left msg and said I could renew the expired Windows 8 License Key, if I wanted to get a refund. I knew it was a scam, so I hung up.

Report for 1-2175283798 - 2019-02-02
They keep calling and hanging up. They've called me twice today. I guess that if I have a knee or back brace, I'm eligible. Ha, ha...

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2019-01-30
Scammer using spoofed (spoofed) phone number. If you look past the orange "out of area" stamp, you will see they're running a boilerroom operation. I picked it up after 4 rings, but my call blocking software automatically dumped them after a half-ring. Caller ID listed the caller as: "Orlando, FL"

Report for 1-2175163805 - 2019-01-04
Caller ID: UnavailableDid not answer.

Report for 1-2175283798 - 2019-01-01
The phone number for this person was found in a search for the address for a new address at the web site datajuggler.com. I have a name the next one to google "Linda C. Williams" and "New York courts" show as the name for several of these companies. The address is 1234 West 23rd Street, Syracuse, NY 13450. I could not get the business name and name of the person the company is trying to sell anything to, all I got were the business names. The person used to own a house at that address. I don't believe there is a Linda Williams at that address. I called the city to confirm that this is not a city building in New York and that this may be a scam operation.

Report for 1-2176251712 - 2018-11-23
Called twice in short period. I don't answer, they don't leave a message.

Report for 1-2173528900 - 2018-11-09
I got a call today from this number with the same thing on my voicemail and they claim to be collecting from a child that I haven't seen in 6 years. When I called just to see what happened but it went to voicemail only. I'm wondering if this is the same for all of us and they try again because I get a call from a different number claiming the same thing like this on my voicemail that was only for 1 day after yesterday. What can I do to make sure this is a prank or fraud. Just be careful when you get calls from unknown numbers

Report for 1-2175163805 - 2018-11-03
The call was blocked by phone company. They called on 11/29/17 at 4:34 PM.

Report for 1-2175283798 - 2018-10-25
they called me today, and said the same thing. said if i dont call them by the 4th they would take action...which i know i haven't gotten anything in the mail about any claim...just a message...i called them back at 877-409-4561, and just got an answering maching...i have a feeling its a bill collector...

Report for 1-2175283798 - 2018-10-18
Called at 8:50am. Left no message!