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214 (also known as Numbering Plan Area) is a phone code for the following area: Texas. Phone codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

The majority of numbers in the North American numbering plan are assigned to US and Canada and a small part assigned to some caribbean nations

Allen, Arlington, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Dallas, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett, The Colony, University Park, Waxahachie are among the cities served by NPA Code 214

214 / entries

Report for 1-2143433055 - 2019-12-02
Spam phone number. They called 4 times in a row on my cell within a minute. I did not answer. I did not leave a voicemail either.

Report for 1-2144869527 - 2019-11-30
Same message about last warning and need to call them back before they arrest me and my family.

Report for 1-2148174165 - 2019-11-26
I get calls from this number everyday. no one speaks, hung up, they hang up.

Report for 1-2144338869 - 2019-11-25
Called my cell, no message left, but from the messages this is an obvious spam call.

Report for 1-2147155704 - 2019-11-17
I just received a call stating that my social security number was suspended because it was used in a fraud case

Report for 1-2142573606 - 2019-11-14
Called 7/16/14 @ 13:13. Caller ID showed WCF.No message was left.

Report for 1-2147155704 - 2019-09-10
They are a medical billing company

Report for 1-2147176288 - 2019-09-04
Got a call no message

Report for 1-2142068063 - 2019-08-23
Got a call tonight at 8:30.

Report for 1-2145446600 - 2019-08-16
This telephone number calls my cell phone almost everyday and hangs up. I called the number back, it is a recorded line, but the voice doesn't say company name, just hangup. If it is a collection agency, I have no credit account and they need to stop calling me. My cell phone is for personal use only and cannot be linked to anything else for collection purposes so this is obviously a scam.

Report for 1-2147155704 - 2019-08-15
I have had at least eight different calls over the last two weeks, each time different names and phone numbers. I answered to see what the hell it was. "Hello, is the lady of the house there?". "I am so and so". "Is the lady of the house over 18?" again, "I am so and so". Then hangs up. I called the phone number back to see who it was, as the caller id is "Not Available". I got through to someone at the "Diversified". She wanted my name, number and address, I gave it to her. She identified her company as "Diversified Attorneys, Legal Processing Department" out of Houston. I asked why we were getting so many calls, she said she didn't call who would call at that time of the day. I asked what this was in regards to, she said it was a "personal matter". I asked again what it was in regards to and she hung up.I googled the number and it brought me to this page. Just curious, just in case anyone else gets these calls.

Report for 1-2146468995 - 2019-07-27
Scammers pretending to represent the National Rifle Association.

Report for 1-2147155704 - 2019-07-23
This is a scam, the name they used was not associated with my phone number. They are trying to get the person or persons on the line to say your name.

Report for 1-2142573606 - 2019-07-21
The call originated in Kansas from "Dennis Gray" regarding the same matter that you have and that I will receive papers in the mail for a Federal Claim that will arrest me for "violation of federal law".

Report for 1-2146468995 - 2019-07-18
Robo voice asking for someone I know. Told them to remove me from the list.

Report for 1-2145278466 - 2019-07-11
They did it to ME! I had bought a book from them and I just happened to drop the price for a year. I had 3 different numbers call me last month, then today I get the call I said I would call the company at 7:30 PM that wasn't a choice, they called me right back that evening and did the same thing!! I've had NO dealings with them or anybody else for that matter!! I will make a report when this ends!

Report for 1-2147614719 - 2019-06-26
Same student loan BS as above

Report for 1-2149157100 - 2019-06-03
They called and hung up.

Report for 1-2149157100 - 2019-05-26
Receive numerous robo calls about "serious matter" with the IRS

Report for 1-2146468995 - 2019-04-22
No message left. Don't know anyone from this area code. I live in the 906 area code so it would have to be some sort of spoofed number. Blocked.

Report for 1-2145446600 - 2019-04-19
Got a similar call and they left a message and the same number as the others. I have been recieving these types of calls lately I just don't answer them.

Report for 1-2144338869 - 2019-04-15
No message left

Report for 1-2147614719 - 2019-04-15
A lady came on with some BS about rewards. I hung up on her & blocked. I have a blocker on my phone...she called my cell phone which is on the do not call list.

Report for 1-2142573606 - 2019-04-04
Just received a call from 602 530 8520. They hung up once answering machine picked up. I called them back several days ago and informed them we were on the Do Not Call List and when they proceeded to ask who was speaking we stated that we have no idea that we have done business with them in the past. They then asked for the wrong person's name and were very disrespectful and rude to me. I called them today and told them if they call us again I am going to report them to the authorities and they hung up on me. If this were a collection agency they should go away.

Report for 1-2147155704 - 2019-03-26
Just got a call asking to call this number for a refund for a service that was canceled 3 yrs ago. SCAM!!!!!!! The guy on

Report for 1-2144338869 - 2019-03-24
This is a company of some one. I do not know who they are. They call but they do not leave message. How can I report this number on do no call? I do not want any more calls from them to my phone.

Report for 1-2147155704 - 2019-03-14
Received call - I called them back, lady stated company is called Legal Documents - needed ID # - I told her no such thing. She stated that I needed to call Michael Thomas to make arrangements - called Michael Thomas was unavailable (as they also called me in reference to my brother) - was put on hold with no reply, so I hung up

Report for 1-2149157100 - 2019-03-10
Received a call from 209-906-6393 on 8/16 at 2:04pm. Caller ID listed "Colfax CA". No message left.

Report for 1-2148175000 - 2019-02-27
got a call about 9:45 am. left no message.

Report for 1-2144869527 - 2019-02-16
Just receive call from this number.... No msg left.... Guessing a scam.... Call ID just read "North Bend WA" ....... Will block this caller!!!